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From Moscow to the suburbs

Zadolba!whether 18.07.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

My name is Ekaterina. Last Name Is Semenova. I live, study and work in one of the Russian cities. It seems unusual, except that I — Yakut. Yes, the real, "with slanted and greedy eyes" as the poet wrote.

And you know, for 22 years of my life I realized that there is nothing more disgusting human stupidity.

I'm not offended when me and my family take for foreign tourists. I understand that for the usual Central Russian city we look unusual. But homegrown Russian chauvinists zadolbali we still in kindergarten. "WOG", "chink" was the usual name-calling.

to Hear after "Russia for Russians!" — the usual case.

"go back to Kazakhstan!" too.

One day the brother was badly beaten by skinheads, "the poor Russian boys" who put on "Russian" article 282 of the criminal code.

And another brother is Dating a girl of Slavic appearance — "ooh, lumps ruining our women!" Disease woman is not your property. She decides who she can be. The girl also received their portion of insults for something that doesn't store the "purity of the Slavic race". The wild, to hear what it had not of shaved guys with tattoos in the form of "ancient symbols of the sun", and like sane people.

the Other extreme — the surprise, why don't we eat raw venison and don't play traditional instruments. I usually joke: "have You seen in the area of reindeer? No? Because I ate them all!", but by the 25th time begins to pall.

As for music, I can sing you a few songs famous Yakut musician Yegor Letov in the Yakut folk instrument, the guitar.

what, What, deer?! My father was born here. Mom — Yes, I come from Yakutia, but there she was living in the deer camp, and in the modern city.

And no, the secrets of the shamans in our family from generation to generation are not transmitted. So to cause rain or drought, I do not know.

When dealing with government offices — lights out.

— we Have services to foreign citizens are in a different order!

— I R a C y s K y passport gave!

— Daaaaa... And why do you write "Place of birth — Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)"?!

Because mother fucking adventuress — two months before the expected due date she went to visit relatives.

Because the Republic of Sakha is part of the Russian Federation.

— Yeah... okay.

And so it was, like, five times.

Relationships with the opposite sex was also filled with sad humor. How many had to put off Horny anime that wanted to "hook up with a Japanese girl" — do not count.

the People who stop to show stupidity and bad education! Already get used with the idea that Russia is inhabited by many peoples who are different from you. In the USSR there were more. And in the Russian Empire — even more than in the USSR. No need to call the Yakuts, Buryats, Kazakhs and even more Chinese or Japanese. Do not show your wit phrases: "What are you, Katya? You Aigul!" Can not do anything intelligent and useful to say, unlike you, just walk past. Silence!

And every Natsik, shouting: "Russia for Russian!" — I suggest a minute to stretch a single gyrus in a shaved head and think about what would happen if the whole country reduced to the size of Moscow and several surrounding areas.

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