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He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones at others

Zadolba!whether 18.07.2019 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And here came my neighbor who says he smokes on the balcony, it doesn't bother anyone.

You, the neighbor, live from me left and right, top and bottom, and left-top, right-top, left-bottom... well, you understand. And because of you I can't open the window to air the apartment! I can't, because you all smoke on their balconies. You smoke every ten minutes, finished and you open the window again it began: now Smoking another. And it doesn't stop all day! Even in the night I woke up to find the window again got your acrid nasty smoke.

you Know, I'd rather you smoked in the stairwell, because there I'm much less time than in his apartment.

I'm not talking about what your bulls you throw onto the street. Not one fire in our area happened because of people like you, when the wind brought a cigarette butt on a balcony or in a window. Well, about up the shitter, which by your grace going on under the Windows, did not say just lazy.

it's worth to mention what you smoke an abomination: dirty smelly cigarettes. Yourself from such stuff is not turns? I myself do not smoke, but there are cigarettes with really nice smoke, and against whom I wouldn't mind.

One day I went to talk to you. Politely ask to smoke on the stairs next to the Elevator: after all, there is even a special bottle of water for you set. Your answer was:

— My balcony is the area of my apartment. In my apartment I can do what I want. And the fact that the smoke blows out to you — not my problem, close the window.

well, no sooner said than done. Because on your balcony then I can do what I want, right? But why you raised such babyu hysteria, neighbor, when on your balcony, I decided to clean the dust bag of a vacuum cleaner, however, specifically making sure that the wind is blowing in your direction? Oh, you have dust? You can't be my problem come in, shut the window.

You don't understand good, you want to understand the hard way. So, you will have to make you understand very, very bad. Precedents of successful trials against the home of smokers have already been will probably have to go to court with a claim against you.

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