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Hello, my friend! I'll tell you a story?

Zadolba!whether 18.07.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I'm tired of being a storyteller.

it was a long time, after successful studies in Moscow, I, provincial 100% decided to continue studies abroad with the goal of staying there. The country has chosen, language is learned. Saved her money, his parents agreed and helped send resume wherever it was possible and here it is, the admission. Like came found part time translator, then worked in the Secretariat at the University.

he Graduated from the University, simultaneously began to work as a language teacher — freelance, but is feeding well, changed a few schools, at the same time managed to work in a foreign land by the same teacher. Met her future husband, the same siapapun like me, he also did a practice here and there, in General, we traveled a lot and continue to do the same. As you can see, nothing fantastic, I didn't become a millionaire overnight, all was given to persistence and work, I didn't hide it.

First of all told in detail, how what they were doing, what documents are made out. Told investigators that I can help with translation, finding the right documents, say, contact.

But specifically I'm sick of friends and relatives, who from time to time wonder how I travel so much, how is it "dump from Raska" and who helped me so much and how it all turned out.


— I also want to travel! Damn, and you do not Institute of sent Moscow? You're still yourself, right?

Dear, well, what the Institute will invest in a student who is not planning to return? All by herself, I'm told. Can once again tell, but I already feel like a storyteller, telling a beautiful story about moving. No stories, all real, all you can do yourself, you just have to start! Did you hear the one about Abraham and a lottery ticket?

childhood Friend:

— Fucking cool country! Also I want to visit!

Man, I'm abroad for almost eight years. I offered to make you an invitation for visa, help with tickets. You only need to do passport! But no, it's too hard. But it's hard to see how you sigh at my photos and dream of seeing it with my own eyes. Really close to the passport office! And I again storyteller.


— Oh, I'm on a journey met a guy, he's Russian, but lives there, you, calling yourself married. Language I don't know. You also moved?

No, not the same. I moved for themselves, on their own. And in your place I would have at least learned the language — I've seen 100500 Russian Housewives, who toil from boredom, because do not know the language, do not have a job, the husband all day at work to feed the family, and she only joy is that with the Russian friends and to chat. I want the same? OK, here I not the adviser.

In General, zadolbali. I still talk in detail about everything to everyone, but to be a storyteller was tired. Why are you asking if you still won't do it?

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