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Good society good should serve as a model, and evil doctrine

Zadolba!whether 18.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I was amused by the teacher that resigned because of the dress code.

It is the "teacher" and not a teacher, not a Teacher. Trust me, I know whereof I speak. My grandmother worked all his life as a Teacher (Yes, with capital letters), and among its achievements is not only the victory of students in Olympiads, but that the current mayor was her student.

the Grandmother is retired, in the years of its work no documentary dress codes for teachers did not exist, but all those rules, not respecting what is described by the author were self-evident and immutable as for grandma and all her colleagues.

to Appear at the beach? God forbid, what if you see students or their parents, as they are then able to respect this, I may say, of a teacher who walks naked people? Although the figure of my grandmother was perfect, and swimwear closed, and bathed it in the waters, but only in those places where it is guaranteed not to occur, neither students nor parents in the village, on foreign beaches. In fairness, a couple of times she with her brother were taken to the river, when we wanted, but the parents were at work. Grandma on the beach is not undressed! And was very upset when he met his apprentice at the beach as much as in Bulgaria.

the so-called fast food she drove us to the ice cream parlour and café, dairy, and chickens of tobacco, and dumplings. But she never ate for the same reason — can see the students.

And, of course, walked with us in the Park. This does not need any jeans, no sweatpants, no sneakers with sneakers — dresses, skirts below the knees with jackets, comfortable shoes with low heels rule. And in the heat — lightweight pants made of light fabrics, sometimes even 7/8 or ¾ length, light blouse with short sleeves, again, light dresses soothing colors and skirts below the knee.

Oh, and at home without t-shirts and sweats — wear nice dresses-gowns, most of which were made in the Studio custom, some imported from abroad.

During the repair refused to help a neighbor, who offered to take her on the machine for building materials — can check with a foreign man that in any way incompatible with the high title of Teacher.

And the haircut is always consistent with the status of a teacher. And still grandmother to all who knew her a reference as a teacher and of feminine elegance.

what is happening with teachers, why are they truths you need to convey as much in the form of a code of ethics?

what you like and you negociates the quit is wonderful. For their education, do not worry — in the hell of his are just such as you. You have no place around our children. And "rich kids from private schools" too. Shocking that you quit in the middle of the year, substituting Director. It was necessary to bring the year to end and to alert the Director that he was able to find a replacement of adequate teachers.

Not zadolbali, just like you, the place is not in schools, and markets for the fish counters. And those people in the amount of five thousand people, put thumbs up, wish to include a brain and to think about who they trust the most valuable thing they have — their children.

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