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Not gods pots

Zadolba!whether 19.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear author crying, "Haste makes waste", let's not confuse two completely different things.

1) Commercial software development.

2) Development within the framework of public procurement and in General a predetermined contract.

In the first case, nobody knows whether the product is successful or not. Whether all users of it to get excited and rush to buy, or Vice versa. The experience of previous companions testifies: the one who entered the market early, has a chance. Not a 100% guarantee, of course. But even with the not so quality product you can win the market if it still mostly works, and competitors yet. But for those who missed, there is almost no chance. Even if the product is perfect. People have enough, the fashion has passed. Everyone who wanted one bought the goods from an earlier time competitors.

Therefore, in the same gradiliste and other such occasions demanded, and will demand compliance at any cost. Even at the expense of quality. Because, see above — even the perfect product is late to market, nobody wants.

it is Quite another thing when programming the "on order" when the contract is signed and money who you have received. Here the failure time of course undesirable, but not fatal. A smart Manager will always be able to hang the noodles to the customer about unforeseen circumstances. Even a money extra sloop for overcoming and prevoznemogaya. But code quality is often low not because of the timing as such.

There are two more compelling reasons:

— stupid Money is going to the left, and write code for the remaining hire students and other Indians. They at all desire it is better to write not.

Managery of all levels spend time in the unknown that, as a result, programmers get formulated task when the deadline is running out. Again, the above head can not jump, and to do during the week what was once planned for two months, is unlikely to succeed. The result on the face.

of Course, the problem with stupid Manager exists and in offices writing commercial software. But there is at least natural selection is valid — after covering one, two, three projects, a Manager is unlikely to get a fourth. And in public or semi-public offices, everything is possible.