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Disco in the registry office

Zadolba!whether 19.07.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I don't know where the author found so many weddings where the bridesmaids try to dress alike, but I am tired of the reverse — Ratnapura Raznatovic in the outfits of the guests and in particular girlfriends.

Every "I myself will wear" looks accidentally ran to the celebration. Beautiful bride, groom with it is combined the style and... that's it. Because one's girlfriend in a red mini, the other in the evening yellow in floor, third in a ridiculous blue ruffle, fourth in the brown flower. Another, apparently, forgot to change it after the office, because pinned in a black pantsuit with a blouse, and the latter seems to have ran after the barbecue, because the jeans and t-shirt. The guys are just as bad, someone in costume, someone in a parody of it, someone in t-shirt and jeans, which was yesterday at work. About aunts, folders, and nurse silent at all.

this solemn event turns into a rural party, even if it costs two million. If every you pulled the best out of the dusty chest, and came to this. Seriously? It all looks cheap, silly and crazy.

I just want to get to the wedding, where the bridesmaids will be at least one color, and the young men in identical costumes, where mothers will not pull out of the closets colorful dresses, bought on the market in the early 90s and get a simple, but new and topic.

Yes, the clothes must be of good quality, must go, but it is primarily a celebration of the bride, let's be honest, brides often do not care anything for the wedding, and she has a right to their demands. Has the right to a beautiful celebration in a certain color and place, and beautiful photo with a team of friends in the same (identical) outfits.

It is remembered, it is beautiful, it is stylish and touching, and a nice motley crowd. I already think with horror about their wedding because they are afraid that such a person is suddenly among my guests and will begin to turn up their nose and look in the closet of the front output of the prom dress.

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