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Zadolba!whether 19.07.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

By profession I am a graphic designer, but it so happened that for six years working in the firm, with work anything close.

Now my work is more technical than creative. I came to this work temporarily, but then became involved. Arranges everything: schedule, salary, team. To return to the design don't think. The more that your creativity I can apply in everyday life: decorating the house, or helping friends.

And I'm sick of people who know who I am and what I do now, negatively and regretfully shake my head, "Oh, Oh wow, Oh wow... why not work in the profession, and I would not want to go back ?" Even if you explain that they left on their own, and like everything, continue to keep the "sour face".

Want to answer again: first, if I left the profession, I can come back, it may not be so easy, but still. Second, what are you so worried that the world lost a great designer in my face! If you are in your life know how to do one thing, then I don't.

I found a use for his abilities in another sphere, why should I resist?