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To say thank you for living?

Zadolba!whether 19.07.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am, therefore, today, in the supermarket, look at the shelf with the pasta, thinking about how bleak to live on fifteen thousand a month, and then from the heavens descends the shadow of hamlet's father and says, "You damn Millennials, have no rights to whine! You in the 90s will be alive, so shut up and kiss parents shoes". And here at me at once it was doing well in life, but all the problems just normal! Just thinking — why Millennials? I'm in my twenties, I clean water generation Z and Millennials in this year, 38 turned, soon their grandchildren are born. Well, okay. The author of the story "Say it again thank God I'm alive" knows better. He's smart. He lived in the nineties.

Look, "frantically zadolbali". Nothing I in the masculine? These stories then most of the men appear. So, like you, we also, you know, not happy.

to Say "thank you" for the fact that we survived the 90s? In my opinion, everyone has long known that the children themselves do not give birth please. The decision about the birth of a child are the parents. Often only the mother, but usually both. Yet everybody knows that to raise a child, to protect him from danger and provide all necessary duty of parents. Not a favor. Duty. So instead of kissing like you legs for minimal performance of their duties (and "to ensure that the child is not dead" — this is THE minimum) I would place your children, demanded an apology for what your grace my childhood had on this era.

the Times, my dear, are changing. On your "snickering kids require a car and apartment," you can safely reply that your generation was probably expecting that mom and dad would feed them to 18 years is not what normal children of Victorian England, walking the factory before the puberty. Different every era demands, you know? And I, for one, believe that the capital own apartment is a necessity, especially for those who are planning a family. Normal removable cost about Moscow as the starting salary — and that's not counting all the pledges and percent of realtors ubiquitous — and finding them is harder. For regions not answer, haven't lived there since the beginning of University. Times have changed even relative to your favorite nineties. Behind them came a fat zero, then not so fat, but relatively prosperous Teens. And all this time you would deny their children the one phrase: "You 15 years ago is not dead, what do you want?" Seriously?

I'm not talking about that psychological trauma produces a wonderful side-effect like selective amnesia. So you probably will not believe, but the truth is can not stop — if a person has the most vivid bad memory is grandma's soup, it is likely that memories of much worse his memory is simply blocks.

My friends from 20 to 27. Among them are little brats who was given a car, apartment, and children from poor families who provide themselves with the first course. There's a guy from Transbaikalia, who works in the "big three" consulting and provides parents. There is a girl whose house is more than two floors, where I grew up, but that does not take the parents money and would rather take me than to sit in their neck. But among them there is one person — the one always whining fellow from your history, who complains that his machine is not bought. But the older generation is always fretting: drive in Google "Millennials kill" and read how we are blamed even for the fact that we do not buy diamonds. So who was the one who always whines?

My parents are just from those who raised children in the nineties. Default they met, being just out of the Academy after pregnancy student and a storekeeper without connections and proper education. They told me a lot about this time. But in their stories there was never a hint of what I owe them. And certainly nobody said that I have no right to complain. Because my parents knew — the problems are different. And yet, already in the "fat zero", stood up and they bought nine years I apartment. At first I didn't realize why she told me, and then one changed to two, the two — on cerescu, then chetyrekh exchanged, sold again and so several times. As a result, after several years of real estate transactions is the one I have on the outskirts of the town in the Central belt, and in half an hour from the center of Moscow. And parents would be enough for the same in the Moscow suburbs (Reutov, Krasnogorsk or), but for yourself. So do their parents are simple farmers, by the way. Many years saving up for their children in the regional center not hanging around detachable and had its own angle. Prior to that, two of my great-grandfather came from the war, had built their children at home — even on the same street, but they lived on their own.

That's stupid! Why did they do that? You can also say: "Shut up and don't complain! We lived worse, be grateful that you survived." And you can, through hard times, to do everything so that your child never had to experience what you've experienced.