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When a person is looking for, than to confirm his paranoid ideas, he always finds required

Zadolba!whether 19.07.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali Quibbler. Especially fixated on their precious personal data.

We teach. Courses of all sorts. To enroll the required standard set of documents. Passport with residence permit, copy of diploma, statement, receipt. Exact same set I ask ALL the organizations in our field.

Yes, technically there are some violations on our side, there are holes in the law but. But it all boils down to a very simple point: inspectors require us to personal Affairs "by the rules". Establishing the identity. That is a copy of the passport including.

But there HE (more often she). Man is picky.

And the Ministry of education, said it is not written that I have to provide a passport. Said only about "data". And the law says you have no right to demand our personal information, because not an official statement. The most advanced I've done and you copy of my passport a microloan will get me to understand then. Definitely adding that no, they trust us, but "all should be in order." Very surprised when they are denied without further ADO and make the black list.

I Think that one comes in the basement sharash-installation of office? No, it is the official, long-standing and have good recommendations training center. Which is again thousands of two or three people in different directions.

now I just wonder — and at the ticket office of the railway they are also closely watched, lest he made a copy of the passport? And as you arrive at the hotel where this is a requirement? And as arranged, there is also a personal matter to put copies? Go to issue salary card to the Bank, the history of the disease in clinics and hospitals...

Or only employees of the training center can be suspected in the sink of data for microfinance firms, and the rest as Caesar's wife, above suspicion? Well, the truth, zadolbala.

you do Not need anyone.

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