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There is nothing that it would be impossible to distort a bad paraphrase

Zadolba!whether 19.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

My zadolbali very specific, professional, but many support it. As well, as after such a brilliant Soviet school of literary translation, a whole generation of new newoperation that turn up they want, distort artwork, and allow the student's mistakes? All grown up on the brilliant translations of Dickens, Dumas, Hemingway, Bradberry, which are striking in their precision and imagery; many have done linguistic universities and studied with great teachers; I'm not talking about reading: a translator is obliged to be well-read. And not aby what a well-written literature. The translator, who did not read the classics — nonsense.

And books published, which open, read two pages and I'm going to download the work in the original. Because it's just unreadable.

Replays? Give me two! And even better, a dozen of the paragraph. Translators do not see the emphasis that "turned around", "half-turned" and "rotary" are synonyms, and we have to somehow replace them in adjacent sentences. And sometimes it would not replaced. A Mr. brown recently read the book managed to be "blond", "smoker", "man" and "law enforcement" on the same page. It would be better just "he". And when the tree of heroes in the yard they call "pine tree", and the wedding dress in the touching scene "article of clothing", it is just a shame for the author. And there and there "dress".

"oil Oil"? Of course! The reader is a fool will not notice. "It was the first premiere of", "consists of hollow tubes", "battle scenes of battles." Who missed translator, editor?.. Was there an editor?

the Ponderous sentences in which without a bottle will not understand, because the translator did not bother to somehow rebuild the English phrase. Ugly literalist construction, a La "what I want to say is that...", "Mrs. Smith was a good woman, though." Participles, gerunds, nouns in the trains half high.

characters are dot, comma, exclamation mark and question mark. The semicolon, a dash, and a colon — it's something terrible, from textbooks for the tenth grade of school, and they are used only Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

Not to mention stylistic blunders. Reticent character, a scientist, very stingy on the emotions, enters the living room door and sees the package. "Who's it from?!" — he asked. The translator thought that "said" or "exclaimed," not funny enough, the translator wrote "screamed". This biscuit with glasses screamed? And even in the dramatic scene?

"what is normally translated, all are able to criticize!"

Who can read the original reading in the original. If the author of the classic, left a good older translations. What do contemporary authors, whose trial for such transfers? What do people who don't know how or don't want to read the original? And why for 500-600 rubles Russian get the book that cannot be read? Translators, dear, no need to beat his chest that you passacantilli leading universities and work in a publishing house. Just read more.

sincerely, your colleague and a translator.