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In spite of the system

Zadolba!whether 20.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Some time ago I became interested in the idea of sorting garbage and putting it in recycling. Doing this by yourself, talk about their passion to others who ask to educate — explain. Already thinking about how to prepare materials for a presentation where-that-at least for his district.

Me not zadolbali those who are not pursuing this. I'm not aggressive inadequate, throws on those who live differently, I am just talking about this idea for those interested.

Me not zadolbali different monochromely, screaming that it's all fiction, to launder money or to raise taxes in a vacuum. I do not care to think what these people are. They usually just have to deal with, but, as practice shows — they are strong only in an attempt to reject all new ideas, not delving into them.

Me not zadolbali the task is to correctly sort out and clean up-clean debris: this skill is developed over several months, leaving the automaticity, although at the beginning, yeah, it seemed something incredible.

And I'm sick of people foul the containers for sorting. In my area there are several, and they are all free to access. A few days passed another party and the diva was given. In the container two small Windows, which are filled with a package of "roundabout" not fit in any way. To throw, it is necessary to lift the heavy metal lid. But the container is clearly such packages General garbage, food waste, sorry, used personal hygiene products, etc.

That is, somebody suffered, lifting the lid to throw in the container pack with General waste instead of throw it in his classic dumpster, standing next to? Throw floral ceramic pots, although in plain text in the memo on the container says that the ceramics are not accepted. Also clearly bigger than Windows, i.e. sakenova again lifted the lid instead of throw in the usual container in which thrown always!

I do not understand that in the minds of these people! Stupidity? Protest against the idea of a sort? "I will do out of spite, because I can"? Or is such an effort, seasoned with a principled reluctance to read the manual, which is written in large letters on the container?

you do Not want — do not. Standing next to a regular garbage container. Why spoil what others do? Do not read every time this cover to drag?