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On clothes stretch one's legs

Zadolba!whether 20.07.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Respect the author of zadolbali "Begat? Pay up!".

Me and my husband very long ago that child-centrism is depressing. All friends-acquaintances-relatives, a conspiratorial wink, saying, "there give birth to their crrrrazy will spend a fabulous tyschschi all that they need!" We need a super-duper remote control cars in which two-year-old Princess riding the envy of the neighbors yard. Chipped in on all her friends-relatives as a gift on her second birthday girl.

It is required to throw a Banquet in the restaurant on the occasion of the annual anniversary of the child. Schools-clubs-classes. One friend, rounding the eyes, tells that the elder daughter for her ballroom dancing costumes are required — everyone in the Swarovski crystals for a thousand dollars certainly. And departure to the competition in Poland is 2-3 times more, and such visits at least twice a year. However, for the rent of the apartment for some reason he is not always able to pay.

And I remember that when I was in school over twenty years ago, my parents also said that when you go to the third grade and immediately begin tutoring and clubs pay expensive, otherwise the school don't finish. Ahem, studied in the same school as the children-grandchildren of those advisers. Not a penny paid and no Tutors. A medal, Yes. Then we things about our uni told me. Yeah.

what is all this? We must live within our means. This is the first. Have your family's funds for the pampering — Yu, and welcome to my blog! And boots to buy a wife, and a car upgrade, and bobblehead for iPads and toddlers from Calvin Klein. But to drive the adult breadwinners for optional things for the kids — it's overkill. And no need to be conducted on advertising cheap boast of people around. You know, I care not what someone's child is wearing Haute couture, attends a prestigious school for $ 500 per month or has a nurse-Filipina. All this is easy to boast because it all is on the surface and visible.

what can not see? Clean credit history, for example. Good kopeck piece or three-room flat in good areas of the city, purchased with the money of relatives and not a mortgage. Or capabilities as needed you can use a private hospital, a plane ticket to anywhere in the world and at any time, good food, fruit-vegetables-meat-milk all year round, playing in the pool or fitness club and does not appear in the sediment budget of the family in the case of sudden unplanned major expenses of thousands of dollars, etc.

And so, to buy another gadget or rag the child — it is much cheaper and easier. Only the child needs, not this... and not only that.