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A quick ride is breathtaking, and sometimes life

Zadolba!whether 20.07.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Tell me why we have so many accidents with lethal outcome?

I think that's because monkeys have grenades. Mostly, of course, the monkeys are male, they go more often.

So why not solve this problem fundamentally?

for Example, to reduce the rate in the city to 30km/h, outside the city to 40 km/h.

Some the speed really need — emergency, Ambulance, fire, police and transportation, separate lanes/roads. Were there any Bob — a fine of 500 thousand.

And fines, by the way, why so funny? So it was comfortable to kill people, breaking the rules?

it is Necessary that more than one km — a fine of one hundred thousand two hundred ten — take the car, twenty in prison.

And all in half a year accident statistics will be minimal. And the proceeds will be made perfect road.

Just need to sacrifice a part of comfort for the sake of hundreds of thousands of lives.

Sorry, people are too selfish to come to these decisions...