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Meeting the old feet with a new life

Zadolba!whether 20.07.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am tired of the militant relics.

These people do not realize that the world is changing and people along with it. "My grandmother was a model teacher." In the days of your grandmother, the world was different, and the child is left abused, forcing them to write with the right hand.

In the days of your grandmother's personality was suppressed in all possible instances, by the way, your grandmother played in this moral pressure is not the last role, brainwashing his students about what should be the "right person".

In the days of your grandmother's opinion of the person meant nothing. He was supposed to die in the name of the mythical bright future, surround yourself with a million restrictions and rules, to push away personal desires and to worry if suddenly the true identity slipped from beneath carefully customized and painted masks.

When you realize that the person is not a pretty doll? Teachers are just people and are not required to suppress their identity in favor of some "imagination of ideal man." What is the ideal? Who defined it? And, most importantly, who needs it?

You want to live in a world of sedate, decently dressed and perfectly coiffed the people who put life on fixing the defects in the other, stopping only thinking about high? This is a truly apocalyptic world. I'm scared even to imagine such a world deprived of individuality and care for the people. The same old boring glass vases.

I'm glad that the modern world began to Wake up, to abandon its outmoded taboos and punching dummy with high ideals in the minds. Look what happened to the Soviet Union, and you'll understand why it's not working. It is impossible to force people to go order and conform to the rules and ideals. Not in this world.

keep away from the teachers and maybe we will live to see a time when children will not be afraid to be yourself, to follow your dream and enjoy life!