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Intel ready to challenge NVIDIA in the segment of discrete graphics

3DNews - all the news of the site 18.07.2019 at 08:16

3DNews - all the news of the site

The Executive Director of the Intel Robert Swan (Robert Swan) had a chance to speak at the event organized by the business magazine Fortune, and for twenty minutes the host and the guests managed to find out from the head of the company a lot of interesting. Of course, much of what was announced earlier, but the attention of the audience is sure to attract a critical assessment is made of the Intel bugs that Swan in the status of the new head is determined to fix it. The host of the event constantly brought the conversation to issues in the development of 10-nanometer technology in the second half of an interview with Robert Swan admitted that the delay of the development of this technology caused by the initially high ambitions of Intel. According to him, if earlier the so-called "Moore's law" has proposed a doubling of density of transistors every two years, in the last time period had stretched to two and a half years. In the development of 10-nm process technology first generation that could produce only small-scale mobile Cannon Lake processors with disabled graphics, Intel set a goal to increase the density of transistors 2.7 times instead of the traditional two times. For this the company had to pay the gap in technology from the major competitors.