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OneWeb has shown a record connection speed satellite Internet

3DNews - all the news of the site 18.07.2019 at 08:55

3DNews - all the news of the site

Experts of the British company OneWeb conducted the first live test of its satellite network. The basis of the network are compact satellites in a circular low earth orbit (Low Earth Orbit). According to official data, during testing, has reached the speed of 400 Mbit/s with a delay time of 40 MS. It is worth noting that this result is impressive for satellite Internet. At the present time, the company managed to launch just six satellites, which allowed to carry out trial deployment of the future network. If the plans, OneWeb will not be broken, soon to be launched "the largest-ever campaign to launch satellites". Since the fourth quarter of 2019 OneWeb plans to launch into space more than 30 satellites simultaneously, which will form the initial network of 650 vehicles. Eventually, by 2021, the company intends to create a fully functional global network, adding satellites as needed. A total of OneWeb is planning to launch satellites to the 1980 compact.