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Basic backender

Blog Yandex 18.07.2019 at 09:30

Blog Yandex

We continue enrollment in School backend development. If pretender design the interface of the website is what people will see in the browser, backender define the logic of his work: how to handle requests where data is stored, how the site interacts with other web services and so on.

the School focuses on beginners to experts. It is suitable primarily for those who already have some experience with backend development. Coming it is important to know the basics of Python the language is used during training — and to understand the basics of the specialty: how to create a web application how to deploy it on the server, how to make a request to the database. Without this knowledge it will be difficult to cope with.

What do secendary and how to get started in this field?

to go to School, backend development, you need to apply on the website and to perform the test task. It consists of two parts: first, to solve some task in Python, and second, to create a small web project — also in Python, using the REST API. Submissions will be accepted until August 26. Those who will successfully cope with the test tasks, we will send the invitation to class.

School begins in the fall. The training will last two months. The program is designed so that students not only gained knowledge but also learned to apply them in practice. First lecture will be on the backend development of the leading programmers of Yandex and homework, and then work on the existing service of Yandex together with frontendonly, managers and designers.

the School can be combined with studies in University or work — classes will be held in the evenings and on weekends in the Moscow office of Yandex on Leo Tolstoy street. Learning in School is completely free. Moreover, Yandex will pay for students from other cities travel and accommodation in the capital at the time.

the program will be held in the office of Yandex in the evenings and on weekends

All the graduates who master the program will receive a certificate of graduation. Those who are good will manifest itself in the classroom, we will offer a job at Yandex. We have many interesting challenges, and it is possible that lecturers and Tutors with whom you will meet during training, will soon become your colleagues.

If you want to learn the profession of backender from scratch, we recommend you take a course on Yandex.The workshop. To start not need any special skills — no knowledge gained in high school. During training you will learn Python and basic tools of backender and his hands will make several services. The course lasts 9 months and costs 85 thousand rubles, but the chapeau is available for free — you can try and estimate the forces.

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