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Configurable alerts in MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 on the PC and in the mobile app

Portal Forex trader 18.07.2019 at 09:58

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Are there any times you've been watching the price fluctuations of the asset in the market, but missed the right moment? This is because the person is physically unable to constantly monitor the schedule. Willy-nilly, to be distracted by other important things.

no Matter what you follow the price – want to buy sell an asset or to lock in profits. In any case, it would be very convenient if the smartphone came the notification that the value of the traded instrument has reached the desired level.

fortunately, the platform Metatrader 4/5 is a nice feature called "Alerts" in the version for your computer. It can be used in conjunction with push notifications, which sends the Metatrader for mobile devices. Configuring this feature, you will never miss the important moment. How to do it — learn from our material.

Why use notification and where to find them?

First of all notice to provide an opportunity to move away from the computer and eliminates the need to watch the charts all day long. They can be used effectively to plan the working day, while remaining abreast of developments in the market. Imagine that you have a personal assistant, whose task is to monitor and report Metatrader, when there's an important event. That would be great!

option can be found in the tab "Notifications" in the settings and the process settings are easy even for a beginner. But if you've never done – it can get messy. To avoid this, step by step we will understand the intricacies of the process.

setting up notifications in the version for computer

To begin with, if you do not have Metatrader 4, or 5 – download it here and install it on your computer. To create notifications you need:

open the terminal by pressing CTRL+T; choose the tab "Alerts";

click the right mouse button in the terminal window; select "create" in the dialog box.

If you did everything correctly, you will see a menu with notification settings as in this picture.

it is possible to set up alerts which will be triggered when you change the price value on the market.

You can also choose the frequency and number of repetitions of the audio signal. In addition, you can set the period of validity of the notification date, after which it is deactivated. After configuring the required settings, confirm the creation of the alert by clicking OK. The list of active notifications you can see in the terminal window on the tab "Alerts".

configure push notifications on your smartphone or tablet

We have realized that people can not always sit at the computer and watch the charts. The way out of the situation – activate notifications on your smartphone that will keep you up to date. When the required price you will hear a beep and receive a text message from the mobile application Metatrader. Download the version for your device based on iOS or Android on the same page, where is the program for PC.

Remember: to avoid delays in notifications work, you need to follow the updates of both versions of the program for the smartphone and for computer.

the Mobile application after installation it will ask for permission to send push notifications. If you disable them, the scheme won't work. Now click on the upper left corner of the app to get to settings.

In the Android app MetaQuotes ID is found under "Messages".

In the iOS version, you need to click on "Chat/messages". This eight-digit ID should be entered in the program installed on the computer. To do this:

click "Tools" – "Settings" or CTRL+O;

in the opened window go to the tab "Notifications"; put two checkboxes: "Allow push notifications" and "Notify of trade transactions"; enter the MetaQuotes ID from the mobile application in the appropriate field;

you can send a test message with "Test" button to verify that everything works;

click OK to save the settings. Conclusion

To trade in the market is very important to know about all significant changes in the price of assets to use all opportunities for profit. Notification is an important feature in Metatrader, using which you can work more efficiently.

Now at a certain price fixed in the notification, you will receive a push message on their smartphone. If desired, you can create any number of alerts and to be aware of all the events in the market, while doing other things. The function is also useful in the case when you work at a computer, but departed from him, – the notification sound will not give to miss anything.

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