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Where to travel with baby

Article 18.07.2019 at 23:40

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Choosing for a child the format of the summer holidays, parents are paying great attention to the objective criteria – the level of the hotel, price, entertainment and animation, climate... However, we often forget to balance any holidays with the psychological needs of the child. Therefore, we offer advice on the choice of holiday for a child from the psychologist of the center for personal growth Visionerium, PhD Catherine Lyulchak.

Psycho is genetically determined personality structure, which consists of a combination of certain qualities and traits. There are no bad or good psycho. They all have strong and weak sides. Therefore, knowing the psychological makeup of the child, we can with the maximum probability to provide him with a comfortable environment and choose the optimal variant of rest. So:

1. If your child has a high ambition, love of competition and desire to be first, most likely, it refers to the paranoid personality type . These guys are energetic, independent, independent. But they also are irritable and angry if things don't go according to plan. The friendship they regarded as a continuation of common cause. Friends are primarily colleagues. Therefore, the choice of holiday, where it is based on team spirit, good will balance the nature of the child this psycho and will satisfy his desire to compete and competition. Like the little General appeal and extreme sports holidays (in accordance with age, of course). Hiking in the mountains or rafting on the river in a friendly team – what we need.

2. With preschool age children, predisposed to epileptic type, frugal, careful, the Executive, and tend to live by the rules. Their dominant traits is a love of order and conservatism. Have epileptoidov, there are good organizational skills, they are brave, tough and responsible. But there are picky, if someone knocks them out of the usual mode. The best vacation for epileptoid – visit a familiar location , where he will meet with friends, knows the routine and all the activity. Children's Hobbies this type of sport . Therefore, the best choice is a sports camp, where the day painted by the minute and intense physical activity.

3. Little isteroid – creative nature, which from early childhood, loves attention – unabashedly recites poems, sings songs, shows off their talents and outfits. The main thing for him — admiring audience. However, these children are very difficult to endure the loneliness and the lack of an interested environment. For these guys the best option would be a summer camp with a creative slant – theater or dance, where the child will be able to show all their talents. It is still very important to visit a child on vacation, to follow the creative achievements, to come to the premiere performances and concerts, and regularly give him a shot of well-deserved praise.

4. If your child is withdrawn, likes to play alone, avoiding noisy amusements, preferring the society of older boys, most of all, it refers to the schizoid type. This pronounced introverts and thinkers, they are serious and taciturn. Schizoids do not tolerate situations in which you need to install informal emotional contacts. So to older adolescents, approximately 16 years old, summer camps for children they are contraindicated. In extreme cases, the child may go in conjunction with one or more old friends. For these guys no matter where he goes. Importantly, there was everything, what he was used to. So get ready to haul behind your favorite toys and gadgets child. The best choice for a child of this type will stay where the child can choose something for the soul – the section on chess, the robotics club, a cinema club, where it will not distract from your favorite hobby, and where the child will feel at ease.

5. Psihastenii – timid and shy children with high levels of anxiety. These guys are prone to reasoning and intellectual activities. Premature separation of psychasthenic parents even for a short time – a huge trauma, so such children it is better to relax amongst the native people.

due to the fact that the psychasthenic is characterized by uncertainty, self-criticism, and alarming mistrust of the hotel, where the child will be constantly involved in the contests would be for him a great deal of stress. It is best to choose a quiet holiday where you can relax and not be afraid of being embroiled in unpleasant competition and activity, and it will require too much emotional and physical stress. Psihastenii – the guys are quite fragile and being tired, so it's best to choose a place where they can gather strength, for example, a seaside resort or guest house in the nature.

6. Sentimental, timid, sensitive to the feelings of other people – the children of sensitive type. They avoid active and noisy peers, but sociable with those whom are accustomed to. Sensitive guys love to play with kids: they are feel confident and calm. They are very attached to family and friends, it's "home children" who don't like to leave home, walk-in guests, and especially to go somewhere far away in an unfamiliar place. Therefore the best holiday for such a child is either a cottage or a resort where child traveling since infancy. For them, the important cozy atmosphere, so if you decide to visit a new place, try even in the journey for a child to create a homely atmosphere. It is better to opt for a chamber version of the holiday is a small hotel with beautiful grounds without an abundance of animation and loud entertainment will surely enjoy your baby.

great vacation!