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The Analysis Of "Multicarta" VTB: what's the catch? themes of the day 19.07.2019 at 05:49

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"Multicarta" VTB combines the characteristics of several products. Seven options, several options kesbeke, interest on the balance. But in detail there are a lot of interesting. Parse the pros and cons of the product.

What's the map?

VTB Bank offers a card with a package that includes interest accrual on the account balance, cashback, bonuses, online transfers. The Bank claims the card combines the benefits of multiple products, as a choice of several bonus options. Actually, that's why she is called "Multicart".

To the main map it is possible to register up to five additional – for example, family members or loved ones. When calculating the interest to be taken into account the total turnover on all cards and basic, and additional. Open the "Multicard" in dollars, rubles or euros. It can be debit or credit. You can also choose the payment system — Visa, MasterCard or Mir.

How much money can I return it?

"Multicarta" offers a choice of system of the seven options: cashback on any purchase (1-2,5%), cashback in "Auto" or "Restaurants" (in these three options he accrued in the bonus rubles), by selecting "Collection" and "Journey", the option "Borrower" (the ability to reduce the rate on the loan) and higher interest rate on the savings account.

any specific option selects the primary cardholder, it also extends to additional. To choose separate options for additional cards.

the Percentage of refund depends on how much you spent for the calendar month. For example, a connected category is "Restaurants". While spending on the card from 5 thousand to 15 thousand rubles the size of kesbeke will be 2%, from 15 thousand to 75 thousand — 5%, over 75 thousand — 10%. Thus, if every month you spend on the card 55 thousand roubles, from them 15 thousand restaurants, cafes, shopping movie tickets and theatre for a year, you can return of 9.75 thousand.

In the category "Travel" the customer can earn miles. And the option "Collection" implies a reward in the form of bonuses, which you can then spend in the catalogue on Bonus rubles can be exchanged for real money at the rate of one to one. Bonuses to exchange for rubles is impossible, but they can be used for purchases from companies — partners of the bonus program of VTB. And miles can be spent for the purchase of tickets.

At the moment, bonus programs, VTB has about 90 partners – the restaurants and shops of various categories. The Bank noted that if purchases from these partners you can save up to 11%. Partners include large retail chains (Perekrestok, Republic, Adidas, and others), online booking ( etc.), commercial Internet sites (AliExpres) and many others. Partner categories ("Motor", "Clothing", "Footwear", "Accessories", "Travel", "Sports", etc.) the customer can choose on their own, once a month you can change them. Categories with a high kasbekar (for example, now it is 6% in the stores, "L'etoile") alter monthly Bank.

Grocery widget And that interest on the account?

the rest of the money on a master account (current account, "Multimap") the Bank pays interest. The amount of such income depends on the amount of purchases per month for all cards (debit, credit, primary and all secondary) in the package of banking services "Multicarta". For expenses in the amount of 5-15 thousand rubles on the balance will be charged 1% per annum, 15-75 thousand – 2% per annum, more than 75 thousand to 6% per annum.

There is an important caveat: while connected by selecting "Savings" interest on the balance of funds in the master account are not charged.

Option "Savings" are needed for those who want to get higher interest on their saving accounts and term deposits in roubles. If using the card the customer makes purchases in the amount of 55 thousand per month, he will receive an additional yield at the rate of 1%.

Ad unit What are the benefits for borrowers?

On the "Multicarta" you can activate the option "Borrower" and to the discount rate under the VTB loan. The discount will also depend on spending on the card. The Bank recalculates your rate and loan payment every month, and the difference returns to the map until the end of next month. The maximum amount charges is 5 thousand rubles a month. If you have multiple loans (e.g., credit card, cash loan and mortgage), the rate is reduced where there is more than the amount owed.

As noted in a press-service VTB, the maximum discount credit card – up to 10 percentage points, according to cash loan – up to 3 percentage points on your mortgage – up to 0.6 p. p.

So what's the catch?

1. In the title

Customers the feedback on the "people's rating" tell that mistaken "Multicard" for multi-currency that is tied to at least three accounts in rubles, dollars and euros. Obviously, many remained in the memory of multicarta, a VTB 24, the terms of which involved the simultaneous presence of such accounts. Now, however, it is not, is a completely different product. Issue the "Multicard" VTB is possible in one currency only – the choice of the three.

2. In shareware maintenance

chart, though called free, but in reality, in order for her service didn't have to pay, it is necessary to spend not less than 5 thousand rubles a month. If this condition is not met, the Commission will be 249 rubles per month, or nearly 3 thousand roubles a year. That's a lot compared to similar products of other banks. Bonuses and cashback are also charged for expenses of 5 thousand rubles. In order not to owe the Bank card is necessary to use constantly and to maintain at least the minimum turnover for her.

3. Of the need to spend a lot

To obtain maximum benefits you need to spend 75 thousand rubles per month. If spending less, and the remuneration will be modest. The maximum size of kesbeke on the options "Auto" and "Restaurants" is limited to 3 thousand rubles, the choice of kesbeke on any purchase of 5 thousand rubles. This is 4% and 6.7% from 75 thousand rubles, respectively. At a higher monthly cost ratio of kesbeke costs will be even less. In addition, some banks card kasbekar can return a much higher amount or do not exist conditions on the size of spending.

4. In terms

it is Important to note that purchases made in the last days of the month (from one to five days), you might not get confirmed, and thus will not be included in the costs of the map — it is complaining about forum members In this case, it is likely not to meet the amount of 5 thousand rubles and, accordingly, do not get cashback, and even to pay a monthly fee for service.

5. In the rubles and bonuses

the Bank charges a fee is not "live" money, and bonuses, bonuses and miles. Bonus rubles, as noted above, can be exchanged for rubles real, bonuses and miles – no. As told by at the call center of VTB, the bonuses expire in two years. Bonus rubles and miles have not yet "period of survival", but there is no guarantee that at any time the Bank will not change the current conditions. VTB assured that the clients in advance to receive SMS alerts about any changes in the tariffs and conditions.

6. In terms of withdrawing money through ATM and transfers

In the tariffs of VTB says that to make "Multicarta" cash in ATMs of other banks free of charge. However, the Commission for such operations does exist, read it in the notes to the rates. For cash withdrawals in "foreign" ATM of VTB takes 1% of the amount (a minimum of 99 rubles per transaction, 6 dollars or euros, if the card currency). To return the Commission you next month in the form of kesbeke, if you this month spend on the card for more than 5 thousand rubles. The same condition applies for online payments and transfers.

please note that free transfers from "Multimap" on it is 20 thousand rubles a month. If you exceed the limit you will have to pay a Commission of 1.25% of the transaction amount, at least 50 rubles.

7. Minimal gains on foreign currency cards

For holders of the currency "Multicard" there are some surprises. As reported by the at the call center of VTB, the interest on the balance of own funds on the card are not charged at all. To get cashback you can, however, believes his Bank is intricate. The sum of the performed transactions on the card shall be translated by the Bank into rubles at the exchange rate prevailing at the time of their processing. The Bank determines the amount of ruble kesbeke, then translates this cashback back to currency and then credits the customer's account. Due to double conversion the actual size of kesbeke reduced. For example, expenses on the card amounted to 150 euros. The Bank converts this amount into rubles (course 68,65 ruble on July 11, 2019) – get 10 297,5 of the ruble. Cashback is 1% of the total expenditure, that is, 102,98 of the ruble.

The reverse conversion will be carried out already at the rate of sale of currency by the Bank (for 74, 05 ruble on the same date), it will be 1,39 EUR. Despite the fact that converting 1% of the amount of spending € 1.5.

Who is suitable?

With all the "Goodies" and pitfalls "Multicarta" can be interesting to several categories of consumers, according to the expert of Department of analysis of banking services of the Olga Stanchak:

Existing projects with loans, it will help to reduce the interest rate. New customers who are actively using the card in everyday life, have the opportunity to choose a reward for purchases and a flexible system of options allows you to adjust the map to suit your style of life. Prefer to save can benefit from the opportunity to obtain a higher percentage of the Fund balance. Anna PONOMAREVA, Antonina SAMSONOVA, Tatyana TERNOVSKAYA,