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For three days in Naples I tried to cheat five times

Naples Slavonic 18.07.2019 at 12:41

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Author: PUERRTTO, attended by more than 140 States!

Italy certainly holds a European record for the number of scams against tourists.

this time spent in Naples just three days, but was faced with rogues constantly. Difficult to deceive me, I deceive anybody. Feel ass how you try to deceive once again and somehow manages to avoid all the trouble. But understand that a little less "tainted" travelling people constantly fall for attempts to rip them off. Sometimes the little things, but sometimes big.

this is how were trying to trick me in the past three days in Naples

1. Arriving in Naples, I thought to take a taxi, but once in the salon I noticed that on the meter costs 17 euros, although we have not even started. The rate is designated as "2" (night), and the yard ten in the morning. Silently left, not even listening to the taxi driver, something leithauser about "Senor, Senor, where are you...".

2. The entrance to the cemetery of Fontanelle for free. But the inspector was trying to collect money for photography. To specify where a sign with the price tag he couldn't and unhook. When I came out of the cemetery I noticed that he handed about photographing some other tourists and they were out of the wallet for cash.

3. The bus to Vesuvius is € 20 including entrance fee of 10 euros. But when we arrived, we weren't let in, claiming that need to buy a separate ticket for entry. By calls and pereryvami with a bus company has forced them to let us in without buying extra tickets. But I think most just give up and buy a new ticket, allowing the crooks to earn a tenner per person. This story is described in more detail.

4. The waiter at the restaurant counted for 5 euros more expense than I should. Did not swear, just gave him a tip on those 5 euros we had planned.

5. The receptionist in hotel reason (I don't want to imagine why that is) wanted to take pictures on the phone my credit card after a successful payment. Type, safety. We know-we know your "security". Snatched the map from his hands before he had time to photograph. He began to talk about safety and I gave him another card for photographing, for a long time cancelled. He took a picture. Clever, let him try to pull her.

6. Yesterday, a friend flew in from Naples to London and took a taxi to the airport. Wrote me a message that the taxi driver tried to dupe her, arrived 10 minutes early and on the counter.