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Football club "Napoli" starts in friendly games

Naples Slavonic 22.07.2019 at 11:43

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Vengeance full training job in Dimaro football club "Napoli" preparing for the new season. Don't forget Neapolitans and control matches. In the first match against fellow countrymen from the Campania region club Series In "Benevento", Carlo Ancelotti fielded a very much an experimental squad and "azurri" the match lost 1:2.

In the match with "Heraldical", club series, the mood was different, and the performers get caught up with summer vacation.

Napoli – Therapical 5:0 (1:0)

goals: Manolas, 6, Verdi, 52, 61, Tonelli, 58, Tutino, 83

Napoli: Contini (Adasiak, 70), Di Lorenzo (Mallqui, 46), Maksimovic (Tonelli, 46), Manolas (Luperto, 46), Rui (Chusei, 46), Zieliński (Palmiero, 60), Gaetano, Callejón (Tutino, 65), Younes (Verdi 46), Insigne, Mertens

the score in the match and in the personal account in the t-shirt "Napoli" opened Greek defender Kostas Manolas. Mario Rui cool and curled the ball from the penalty and accrued Manolas gets his head shot the opponent's gate.

At the beginning of the second half Lorenzo Insigne good pass found Simone Verdi and 27-year-old striker a clear impact on performance, with the penalty area, laid the ball exactly in the corner.

the Third goal scored by Central defender Lorenzo Tonelli, who joined the attack and finished the corner.

again Soon productively worked a bunch Insigne – Verdi and Simone scored twice. Completed the defeat of the opponent, a little-known striker Gennaro Tutino, who plays on-loan. 22-year-old striker tenaciously wrestled with a defender, snatched the ball from him and scored a goal.

Carlo Ancelotti, head coach of "Napoli":

- the Players returned from vacation and the team gets better. We tried to strengthen last year's team, trying to go even more attacking. These matches help us to test certain options in this regard. About the upcoming transfers to and thinking guide. We have competent professionals who know what's best for the team. I am sure that by the end of summer the team will be completed perfectly.

the Next test match, "Napoli" will take place July 24, and the opponents will be the middle of the Series, "Cremonese".

Yuri luchitsky

for "Naples Slavic"