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Sprinklers to optimal watering lawns retail and distribution 23.07.2019 at 14:54

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One of the most comfortable and efficient methods of watering the lawn on the property is a mobile watering. It provides uniform wetting and prevents the formation of puddles. The secret is to intelligently pick a suitable site equipment - sprinklers.

Efficient irrigation provides a healthy, thick lawn. It can be exercised in various ways: for example, hand watering is the most simple and accessible of them all, but when it comes to the highest quality irrigation, inferior mobile manual irrigation using sprinklers.

What are the sprinklers and how to choose your perfect? Sprinkler for irrigation we recommend to choose considering in the first place, the size and configuration of the lawn. The main device types are:

and multi-Pie; Quiet and easy to handle, classic pivot sprinklers are designed to run on small and large areas. Depending on the model, changing the diameter of the irrigation, as well as settings. With a large radius of action; These sprinklers are often isolated in a separate group due to their range of irrigation - roughly 500 m. a Kind of watering at the same time - smoothly adjustable pie or donut. Oscillating; For this category sprinklers it is recommended to pay special attention, as they are ideally suited for uniform irrigation of lawns rectangular and square shapes without the formation of puddles. For example, oscillating sprinklers from the GARDENA Comfort Aquazoom work on the area of 25 to 350 m2 and allow you to smoothly adjust the range of irrigation from 7 to 21 m (specifications vary depending on model selected). Multiloop. Such functional sprinklers provide individual watering sites in almost any configuration. How does it work? In the device memory the right path, which guarantees the irrigation of every corner of the garden. Some models are able to remember two different contour irrigation, for example, front of house and behind the house, and one of the programs can be activated at any time.

If desired, the process of watering the lawn can be fully automated and make completely invisible. You will need to install a system of underground irrigation, then sprinklers will be located underground, at the right time to move forward and produce work, and after watering again disappear from sight.

no matter What kind of irrigation no was chosen, the main thing to remember is that the quality of garden equipment depends on the beauty of the lawn. Therefore, for best results, use professional devices, suitable rural site for its functionality and technical characteristics.