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Husqvarna presents its new large wheeled vehicles for travolechenija retail and distribution 24.07.2019 at 14:16

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Inhabitants of the private sector particularly closely monitor the status of their local area. The larger the area, the harder it is to care for it and regularly maintain it healthy. For work on large areas suitable powerful and technologically advanced device. Husqvarna, a global manufacturer of equipment for garden, forest and Park, is the new 2019 a large wheeled equipment to travelscene for demanding private users.

the Desire of individual users to obtain professional results with the technique explained. For working on large areas where insufficient efforts of hand tools (lawn mowers, trimmers), to care for your lawn helps large vehicles – lawn tractors and riders. The versatility of this technique becomes one of the key factors in the choice: using the work tools and equipment (scarifier, the site and snegootbrasyvateli, the aerator rake for moss, trash, etc.) lawn tractors and riders become a technique for year-round use.

this year Husqvarna adds to the range of large wheeled equipment garden tractors 100 series line of high performance tractors of small size, maneuverable and light, is designed for homeowners looking for a simple to operate the mower with the seat and the function of easy start.

Model Husqvarna TC 138M, easy to use and powerful (5.7 kW at 2600 rpm) garden tractor with the Husqvarna Series engine with a volume of 344 cm3 and a built-in 220-litre grass collector has an available manual transmission (6-speed FWD and 1 reverse gear). A tractor with a mowing width 97 cm, carefully handles the lawn in small and medium sized areas without damaging their wheels due to their small weight and width of the wheels. Model with integrated rear grass collector is easily converted into a tractor with a mowing regime, "release ago." When managing Husqvarna TC 138M the user is comfortable in the car: the seat of the garden tractor can easily be adjusted and increased foot support facilitates landing and landing. Garden tractor Husqvarna TC 138M will appeal to those user who appreciate the art durability and affordable management.

Garden tractor Husqvarna TC 138 is also designed for vacuuming grass in large areas. Compact tractor with integrated rear grass collector, smart design and good ergonomics delivers comfortable operation. The hydrostatic transmission provides smooth control and powerful motor (5,7 kW at 2600 rpm) excellent performance in a short time. The battery status indicator allows you to control the charge.

In both models, Husqvarna lawn tractor built air intake system Air Induction®, a powerful flow which lifts the grass before it is cut, which ensures a smooth cut and gives the lawn exceptionally well-groomed and neat appearance. Mounted on the wing lever to adjust the mowing height will allow you to change its position, and the indicator of filling of the discharge and a visual inspection of the fuel level allows working without any downtime.

If on-site planting and barriers, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to riders, as a technique, allowing mowing in hard to reach places thanks to the front cutting deck. The new Husqvarna R 316TX and its all-wheel drive version the Husqvarna AWD R 316TX. Powerful (9,6 kW @ 2900 rpm) cutting width 94-112 cm and height adjustment of the mowing height from 25-75 cm allow to achieve excellent results on large areas. Riders have two modes of operation: mulching BioClip® for lawn fertilizer and the release ago. The steering servo provides rotation of the wheels without effort and increased maneuverability for work in tight spaces.

the AWD System in the model Husqvarna R 316TX AWD enhances traction and ensures the quality of mowing the lawn on any surface, providing a secure grip even in any weather. Dual LED lights in both models, hour meter, and transparent fuel tank will make the owners more comfortable.