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Gaming laptop Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) is available for 149 990 rubles retail and distribution 25.07.2019 at 18:19

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Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) - the first laptop built in magnesium alloy body without the use of aluminum. This approach allowed to reduce the weight of the device is 400 grams, relative to the same aluminum body. Strength is not decreased, making magnesium alloy the ideal material. The case design is very minimalist – no bright colors and lots of LEDs. This laptop is suitable for both professional gamers and office workers who work on your car. The keyboard is illuminated RGB backlight with the ability to set individual color for each key. Also implemented independent press processing.

the Laptop is equipped with a large number of connectors. On the left side is USB 3.1 Gen2, HDMI 2.0 b, RJ45 network connector and two 3.5 mm audio jacks, for microphone and headphones, respectively. On the right side of the laptop there are two normal USB port 3.2 USB Gen1 and one Gen2 3.2, made in the form factor of Type-C.

Laptop Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) works under control of OS Microsoft Windows 10 PRO, which opens up opportunities to personalize and fine-tuning of the system. For maximum performance we have equipped the laptop with the Intel Core i7 ninth generation – 9750H. This six-core processor with a maximum clock frequency to 4500 MHz in Turbo mode and 12 MB cache in the third level.

For true gamers provided Nvidia RTX 2070 video memory of the sixth generation in size of 8 Gbytes. Also available version with less powerful but more affordable RTX 2060 with 6 GB GDDR6. Also, both models show high performance in resolution, but RTX 2070 provides access to more demanding regimes.

the RAM 16 to 32 GB – at the request of the user. DDR4 memory standard SDRAM clock frequency of 2666 MHz. Storage capacity can range from 256GB to 1,024, including the option for 512 GB. In any case it would be solid state drive (SSD), working on NVMe technology that guarantees ultra-high-speed read and write. It is also possible to operate the drives in RAID0 mode.

the Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) received a display with a diagonal of 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. There are two versions of screens that differ in update frequency: 144 and 240 Hz. The other characteristics are identical: IPS, response time 3 MS, 100% coverage of sRGB and Pantone certification that guarantees faithful colour reproduction. This allows you to do a professional photo processing and video. The frame around the screen is thin, only 6.2 mm, which helped to reduce the overall dimensions of the case and give the device a stylish look and also to increase the usable area up to 81%. Cooling

Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) is equipped with an innovative aerodynamic system AAS, which provides additional ventilation holes in the expansion of the notebook, increase air and then 22%. Self-cleaning system prevents the ingress of dirt and dust that reduces the performance of the cooling system. Each fan has 83 of the blades and the radiator fins 205. Active redistribution of heat is calatraba.

Any version of the notebook Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) is equipped with wireless module Wi-Fi Intel 802.11 ac (2x2) and Bluetooth 5.0. Also has RJ-45 connector for connections of cable Internet. This will allow you to connect to any wireless network and connect peripherals. In communicating via the Internet will help you external webcam ROG GC21 supplied.

the Intelligent amplifier provides a minimum amount of distortion even at maximum volume. The maximum volume is twice the bass is more powerful in 3.5 times, and the dynamic range is also 3.5 times wider. This ensures high quality and clear sound on any key.

Due to the switchable graphics, the Asus ROG Zephyrus'S (GX502) is able to accommodate battery up to 8 hours with a maximum configuration with the video card RTX 2070. For charging you can use the standard power supply is 230 Watts, or you can use another compact unit with a capacity of 65 Watts. With low power charging can't play, it's designed to charge the battery via a connector Type-C. Also, the laptop can be recharged from an external powerbank all through the same connector Type-C with USB Power Delivery technology. When using Zenpower PD PRO, you will receive an additional 135 minutes to view the video.

the suggested retail price from 149 990 rubles.