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AMD Genesis Peak: likely the name of the processor Ryzen Threadripper fourth generation

3DNews: Novosti Hardware 24.07.2019 at 19:00

3DNews: Novosti Hardware

It is Expected that the fourth quarter will appear the processors Ryzen Threadripper third generation, which will offer up to 64 cores and architecture AMD Zen 2. They managed to leave a mark in the last news, under the symbol "Castle Peak", which is related to geographical designations of the elements of the mountain range in the U.S. state of Washington. The participants of the forum after analyzing the software code of the new version of the utility AIDA64 found references to two new families of AMD processors. The first was comparing a combination of symbols "K19.2" and the symbol "Vermeer", the second established a correspondence between the "K19" and "Genesis". It should be understood that in the hierarchy of alphanumeric notations generations of AMD processors the combination of "K18" busy licensed Chinese clones Hygon, therefore, the "K19" shall refer to representatives of the architecture of Zen 3. Image source: AMD