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Intel is aware of competitive threats coming from AMD

3DNews: Novosti Hardware 26.07.2019 at 13:44

3DNews: Novosti Hardware

Intel on a quarterly reporting conference are unable to get away from the analysts ' questions related to the situation on the market of CPUs in the light of the emergence of 7-nm products of a competitor. First of all, Robert Swan (Robert Swan) admitted that the company lost some ground in the segment of inexpensive processors with a small number of cores due to shortage of domestic production capacity. Representatives of Susquehanna International Group on the results of independent research can say, as CNBC notes that in the second quarter, Intel reached a minimum in 2015 value — not more than 81 %. The budget deficit of 14-nm processors Intel Susquehanna experts estimate no more than 5 % of the required number of clients and expect that it will be eliminated by the end of September or even in August. George Davis (George Davis), CFO of Intel, expressed the hope the company's ability to shift the supply of processors to meet demand by the fourth quarter of this year, which is consistent with the expectations of external experts. According to Davis, the company can even increase the supply of processors at the end of the year five or six percent. However, the forecast of revenue it will not affect Intel though, and added $500 million to the April version of the forecast proceeds for the entire 2019 $69.5 bn will still be a couple of percent less than results of last year.