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How to know the nature of man? Graphic personality test :.: Article 29.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Best way to learn more about a person's character, including his own, is a passage of various psychological tests. There are a great many. Just select the one that you like. One of the tests that can reveal character traits of the person, an image, or scientifically speaking — a projective test. For it take a clean sheet of paper and schematically, with geometric shapes draw the human figure. Experts in psychology say that on a subconscious level we portray ourselves; different combinations of painted figures, sharp angles, circles indicate features of character, inclination and ability, presence of psychological problems. On the proposed picture, find image, very similar to what you drew, and check the test results. Photo: 1. If your drawing is completely made up of some triangles, you belong to the type "Head". A figure usually depict people with leadership qualities who have a desire for someone to lead or organize any business or workflow. Such people have good oratorical skills. They possess the gift of persuasion. Easily adapt to any situation. Have all the data in order to achieve success in their chosen field. They are active and successful. Sorry, have enough enemies because of the tendency to push others and to impose my opinion. 2. Your characterization of "Responsible", if you used in the picture is the following geometric shapes: circle — head;triangle — torso, arms, rectangle and legs. Type close to the "Head". Differs from the first in that it lacks determination and willpower. Of these people are excellent performers, professionals in the business. Under good leadership they are making great strides. Photo: Depositphotos 3. You can be called "Suspicious", if portraying the man you used: circle — head;triangle — torso, legs;rectangle — hand. The one who portrayed such a figure, really need to be praised and appreciated. Due to the increased attention to his own person, he works better and feels more happy. Is a person who lacks confidence in themselves and their abilities. Can achieve good results in any field of activity, if it is to feel useful to society. 4. You belong to the type "Scientist," if images of human shapes were used: triangle — the head, legs;oval — the torso, arms, and This figure usually depict people working programmers, architects, and those who have dedicated their lives to science. It is a quiet, thoughtful personality, accustomed to an orderly sequential thinking. Among them are many of those surrounding is called "too correct", and more boring, finding communication with them is boring and uninteresting. Photo: Depositphotos 5. Your type of "Psychologist" if in order to portray man, you used the following geometric shapes: circle — head;a rectangle is the torso and legs;triangle — hands. Such persons are distinguished by the fact that you can't live in peace and they themselves invent to itself problems, and have been struggling how to solve them. I like to analyze what is happening, the results of their activities themselves. The tendency to introspection is necessary for them to achieve a feeling of inner harmony. She is motivated by the desire to keep everything under control, and including. This is a very freedom-loving person. 6. You are a "Techie", if you drew human figures using: rectangle (or square) — head, torso, hands, triangle — neck;oval feet. Representatives of this type are very inventive people who have a tendency to Tinker with technology. Such persons are easy to remake an old TV in some miracle of technology. Among them are many designers and inventors. As a rule, many of them introverts, strictly adhering to moral standards. It is very useful to society, and smart people. Photo: Depositphotos 7. Your type Sensitive, if you made up the figure, joining in the figure: the rectangle (or square) — head, neck, torso;oval — hands;the triangle — legs. A human-like figure portrayed by those who have a habit at all to worry about. These individuals take everything to heart. They worry not only about themselves and their families, but also about the world around them: the homeless animals, environmental issues, orphans, the sick and needy. They're harassed by epidemics and wars which happen in the world. They have a desire to be useful, something to help. Strive for justice. This is a very creative nature. 8. You, according to the test, can be called "Stale" if the pattern consists of the following geometric shapes: triangle — the head, hands, feet;rectangle (or square) neck, torso. Photo: Depositphotos Is a person, who don't care of other people. Selfish, avaricious, proud — characteristics of this character type. These people want everything done just for them, about the interests of others they don't. These individuals consider themselves to be the center around which everything must revolve and revolve. If you're friends with someone, what are friends for reasons of personal gain. If your drawing does not completely match with the suggested options, it should be considered as a combination of several psychological types. Psychologists say that graphics test gives an accurate description of human nature. Is it really so, check the snap! ...

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