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How to get a high income, working in your pleasure? :.: Article 29.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Internet has penetrated into the most remote corners of the world, thereby forever freeing us from the chains of "office bondage". Today there is absolutely no need to sit all day in a stuffy office. In this article we will talk about freelancers — entrepreneurs who live by their own rules and are free to choose only the most interesting projects. Freelancing gives people a previously unseen opportunities, mobility and full freedom of self-realization. To live in the movement, earn favorite thing from any point of the globe, to have time to conduct multiple projects simultaneously is the norm of our "digital" time. It should be recognized that being a freelancer is not so easy. What pitfalls are waiting for a "free artist" and what's better to serve five days in the office or live around the world "arm in arm" with a laptop? 1. It is necessary to delineate the concept of "freelance" and "telecommuting". On the remote work the person is not tied to the office, but has a permanent place of rabotite: Depositphotos Remote work does not imply complete freedom of action — in fact, it's the same full time work: But the person should not every day to go to the office (he's having a workspace at home or wherever is most convenient for him).Such employee has the same labor protections as one who goes to work in the usual sense of the word. Freelancer is not a permanent employee of a particular company: It can work simultaneously with different clients (choosing the tasks that are the most interesting).However, he is deprived of social guarantees and cannot be sure of the stability of their income. 2. Obvious benefits of freelancing. There is no "ceiling" on income: a freelancer can lead several different projects, which significantly increases his earnings. He is looking for freelancer employers and zakazyvat: Depositphotos Freedom of choice: the ability to tackle the projects that seem most beneficial to the freelancer and interesting. Release time: no time lost on the road to the office and back. 3. Disadvantages of freelancing. The most serious is the lack of career prospects and income insecurity (customers = income, no customer = no income). Freelancer forced at their own expense to develop their professional competence and to seek customers (including giving advertisements of their services). There are plenty of activities where working from home is impossible. 4. Someone to do freelancing more profitable than sitting in the office: People who understand that "you have to work 8 hours a day, and head".Those who live in sparsely populated areas, where it is difficult to find a job with a good salary.Those who are forced to stay at home most of the time (for reasons of health or because of the need to care for others: a child, elderly parents). Freelance or office? To solve amphoto: Depositphotos 5. Freelancing is not a panacea. Every person dreams about this level of income, which will allow him to live happily and in what does not deny. However, this cannot be achieved only by earning money — not enough to earn a lot of money, money should learn how to handle. To do this: 1. Specify main expenses for the coming month (required separating the freelance spending spending on daily family expenses). 2. With each of the received income to responsibly postpone some part in the formation of a "safety cushion". 3. Learn how to multiply money, make your money work for you and bring you new money. To consolidate the material view video: ...

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