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What women want permanent makeup? :.: Article 30.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Many women dream of waking up in the morning to have stunning views. Well-shaped and sensual lips, expressive eyes, beautifully modelled brows — the ultimate dream. And without a long ritual of restoring beauty with the help of various cosmetic products such a result is something out of science fiction. Most has a modest natural and without makeup looks not bright and attractive. However, there is a solution! Each of us wants a man to love 24 hours a day and have seen next to a stunning goddess, not a plain woman! What should I do? Do not go to sleep in your makeup! Not waking up well before his awakening, time to bring beauty. In fact, the release has long been found. And it's called permanent makeup. Many of us have heard of him, but the thought of having to decide on this procedure seems to be daunting. Is really afraid of permanent makeup? Let's see together in this matter. The procedure should be performed only in the beauty salon and do it should only be a professional! Avoid untested cosmetic surgeries at home. Photo: Depositphotos Remember that everything has to be sterile: a tool used for the procedure, the hand of the master. Be sure to apply disposable needles and gloves, a disposable container for mixing pigment. After all, at stake is not only your beauty but also health! Currently, permanent makeup is used quality products of foreign manufacturers (mostly German and Italian). During the procedure apply modern painkillers, so fear of severe pain is not worth it. Contour cosmetic dermopigmentation, so the technical term for this procedure are now quite comfortable and virtually painless. Through the use of advanced dyes over time, the makeup does not lose the initial color. And most importantly, dyes hypoallergenic, that is, the risk of allergic reactions after the procedure is reduced to zero. Permanent makeup is a very popular cosmetic procedure. The demand for it is growing constantly. When the tattoo makeup can make your eyes, brows, lips bright and beautiful, to give them the desired shape and color. And the result will please you for a long time. You can throw lipstick, cosmetic pencils, eyeliner, mascara and don't spend a lot of time on makeup. All day you will have an attractive appearance. Photo: Depositphotos What is a modern tattoo makeup? It consists of: eyeliner upper and lower eyelids;contouring lips with feather or without it;correcting the shape of eyebrows. The procedure involves a careful injection under the skin pigment. It uses a special sterile needle. Tattoo makeup this procedure is called because the technique of its execution is similar to tattooing. The only difference is that with permanent make-up specialist will perform a more delicate and subtle work. The depth of insertion of pigment — no more than one millimeter. The instrument does not injure the skin. The result will be kept from three to five years. Photo: Depositphotos Before deciding on the procedure, consult specialist, make sure you have no contraindications to its conduct. If any manipulation is contraindicated, because it may harm your health. If you lead an active lifestyle and you need every minute, permanent makeup is for you! With it you always and everywhere will feel attractive and confident woman. ...

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