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How many SIM cards can be in the cell? :.: Article 31.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

It Seems recently with the word "phone" we imagined a device on the table, hanging on the wall or in a special booth on the street. But times has changed, and now almost all are blessed with the presence of the electronic device, which is often called simply a cell phone. Such a device not only in a dense forest, where the nearest cell tower is hundreds of miles away. In short, we are all now living in a period of continuous "pocket" telephones. But here is the interesting incident. Fifteen years ago, the youth (and not only there!) it was the fashion "to be measured" size of mobile phones. It was steeper than the one in the minimum volume had the same thing, what possessed larger devices. While generally not discussed the question of the number of compared devices SIM cards. And it was that sold odnoskatnye cell phones. Anyway, from the West to the former Soviet republics well before the above mentioned comparison was done only in such models. When not a very high demand for them (the cost is too expensive pleasure) they drove up parties in warehouses, and then "imposed" to customers through aggressive advertising. Photo: Depositphotos At a time when the West was already the dual SIM mobile phones, we showed "rationalize". Bought the second SIM and was perestanavlivat in the slot in place of "brand" as needed. It was stored under the battery or in a purse, with the cover of the passport, a notebook in his pocket in a plastic bag and so on. As you may have guessed, in the sale and we then came dual-SIM phones, and the people began "to be measured" on the part of coolness even available in the phone slots for SIM cards. Of course, functional devices that have added features no need to open cover and remove from under the battery a second SIM card. However, the question remains: how many SIM cards at the time it is necessary to have a cell phone? Here we are again lagging behind the West. But, actually, for what people are willing to buy mnogosetochnykh? There are several reasons: to save money on roaming charges by buying a local SIM card (there are regions where roaming is not canceled and it is very expensive); to call home while abroad; to have a fallback connection if the primary service provider has suddenly become unavailable. Another point — is the most common. In addition, other important all these options. And then sometimes does not help the situation the presence of two SIM-cards from different service providers, since the providers themselves in the region more. Flying F160Foto: the Source of These requirements it has become to meet the world's first chetyrehskatnye mobile phone "Flying F160". Although in the West he has already appeared in 2012 in the republics of the former Soviet Union received recently. The main advantage of the phone is that it allows you to call or send (accept) SMS-MMS simultaneously on SIM cards four different providers of cellular services. While everything else in the standard. It is curious that on this phone you can call or send a text message to yourself with any SIM card that allows you to instantly detect a technical failure. You see, this time also attracts consumers in the zones of intermittent reception, when the service maintenance "not getting through". The layout of the phone in the future can increase the number of SIM-cards. Apparently, this will be done. Moreover, the cost of the mobile device is quite affordable — about $ 70. But even after such a "building up", I suppose there are users and the presence of a dozen SIM cards in a single case seem a little. ...

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