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How to calculate the manipulator? :.: Article 31.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Often in life we are faced with situations where we are manipulated. And do it not only to strangers or familiar people, but also the closest. To understand the situation, what it really is — a manifestation of love or a desire to control us, is quite difficult. If we are talking about the relationship between a man and a woman, to recognize the manipulator becomes even more difficult. In everyday life people tend not to look suspicious to the actions of the environment, looking at their signs that they are trying to manage. However, in reality, often under the form of attention and concern lies not so much love for you, as the desire to keep the situation under control. How to recognize the manipulator? There are situations in which this person strongly manifests itself: the Manipulator needs to know about you setto: Depositphotos 1. Continuous monitoring of your place of stay. Your loved one, worrying about your safety, connect to your mobile phone tracking service the location of the subscriber? It's a red flag. Most likely, it is not about the desire to protect you, but about a hidden desire to keep you under control. This is evidenced by the frequent calls with questions: "Where are you? Who are you?" If you are accountable to your partner for every step, it does not mean his love for you. Rather on distrust and desire to control your life outside the home. 2. Excuse my rude love. This is another clear sign of manipulation. When you love someone, treat him carefully, delicately, afraid to offend. If you see in the behavior of your partner's rudeness, faux pas, the desire to hurt you or humiliate, it is an occasion guard. This behavior seeks to make you controlled. Suggesting that you do not need anyone else, that you are not good enough, jealous and manipulating you. His goal is to make you afraid of losing him. 3. Deprivation you communicate with other people. The manipulators are trying to eliminate from the object of his passion of all friends and acquaintances, to close the circle on me. They deprive the elect of personal space. A favorite pastime of arm — rehabilitation of dragolovata: Depositphotos 4. Rehabilitation loved one. This is another situation in which the manipulator manifests itself particularly vividly. He can do it even in the best of form of gift, given the reality that Tom likes and what suits him. It could be the clothes he would like you rites. The books he would like you to read. And it's still pretty unobtrusive attempt to change your partner. The manipulator can consciously criticize the appearance, manner of dress, Hobbies, to get so to change yourself to please him. Such behavior speaks volumes about the fact that you manipulate, seeing you and your property. 5. The termination of life of a loved one family. It would seem that there is nothing more natural, when two people love each other man to create a family, to live together, to share good and bad, give birth and raise children. However, this plane manipulator uses to their goals. In addition to family life, in the life of each of the partners is working, Hobbies, Hobbies. The manipulator makes to expel from the life of the elect, all not related to the family. His elect should belong only to him. The right to personal space, he has not. Moreover, the plans of the manipulator when the marriage may not coincide with the wishes of his partner. For example, a stamp in the passport, he wants to establish "ownership" of a loved one, but children his plans are not included. He begins to impose the idea that the offspring doesn't want that it will hurt his career, or come up with other excuses. Depriving your partner of the joys of parenthood, he does not think about his feelings. Manipulator is important only their own happiness and comfort, feelings of those who are next, are not taken into account. If the manipulator starts hard to flatter, soon followed by rasplachivat: Depositphotos 6. Flattery. One of the easiest ways to succeed for the manipulator remains flattery. He does not skimp on compliments and flattering comparisons to gain someone's favor. The more flattery sounds in your direction, the more likely it is that you want to get something, to achieve some as yet not known to you goals. Be prepared for the fact that after many compliments will be followed by a request. Learn to distinguish sincere praise from kowtowing and hypocrisy, not to be in a situation where you would be rude to refuse something to the flatterer. 7. "Carrot and stick". This is one of the most popular methods of manipulation used in relationships with other people. In this case the manipulator tries to imagine the role of a teacher and treats you like a child of five, which is controlled through a system of rewards and punishments. As punishment, he will use ridicule, mockery, criticism, bad jokes. The plan of the manipulator is simple: to hurt and humiliate his partner to doubt herself, started to get a complex, become dependent on him, believe that anyone else he is not needed. Then applied the technique of training dogs given sweet bone, "carrot" — the unexpected attention, affection, praise. No time manipulated to relax and to feel happy again how to swing a whip. 8. The shouldering the blame after a falling out, initiated by him, the victim. This is another clever technique used by the manipulator, based on the fact that someone who values good relationships, be the first to apologize, even if he is not to blame in the quarrel. To blame others is one of the methods of manipulyatorom: Depositphotos Manipulator after a quarrel will make you feel guilty. To get his forgiveness you will not easily succeed. He was "broken" and forced to run, before you deign to forgive. To discuss what happened he will not give up, pointing at your quarrelsomeness and tendency to dramatize everything. The calculation of such a person is simple: he plays on your feelings and fear of losing someone you care about. If psychologists described a situation familiar to you, you know you are being manipulated. To leave the problem unattended. It should be fight. Otherwise life with that person will be to you an eternal Calvary. ...

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