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The company decided to develop the production in Vietnam instead of China, will face difficulties

3DNews: Technology and market IT. News 31.07.2019 at 06:50

3DNews: Technology and market IT. News

This week the representatives of China and the United States are due to meet in Shanghai for the next stage of negotiations in the sphere of foreign trade, but many companies have long outlined the direction of the migration of its production facilities from China, it could be Vietnam. The New York Times for example, the history of presence in Vietnam, the Korean giant Samsung says, the difficulties that can face companies wishing to move their production from China to this country. As noted earlier, the lower cost of workers in Vietnam does not solve one main problem — the country cannot compete in scale with China, the population of Vietnam less than one hundred million people. Although the labour market annually out of one million workers, Vietnam is still not able to quickly meet the needs of foreign employers as the number of staff and qualifications.