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AMD: the effect of streaming services on the market can be judged in a few years

3DNews - all the news of the site 01.08.2019 at 07:15

3DNews - all the news of the site

AMD in March of this year confirmed its readiness to cooperate with Google when you create the hardware basis of the platform Stadia that involves streaming games from the cloud on a wide range of client devices. It is noteworthy that in the first generation Stadia will be based on a combination of AMD graphics and Intel core processors, and both types of components are supplied in custom configurations that are not offered to other customers. Before the end of the year, Google needs to adopt the first 7-nm processors EPYC, so hardware-based cooperation with the search giant will be as complete as possible. AMD representatives already admitted that the potential of Stadia will take years and significant impact on the gaming market of "cloud" platform will begin to provide not immediately. Rival company NVIDIA platform to broadcast the games to GeForce NOW develops very long time, with its help it is hoping to attract the next billion gamers. The development of communication networks generation 5G is closely linked to the prospects of such platforms, and NVIDIA is not going to give the competitors in this new segment of the market.