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Google has overtaken Apple becoming the most cash rich company

3DNews: Technology and market IT. News 01.08.2019 at 11:28

3DNews: Technology and market IT. News

The Company Alphabet, which is the parent to Google surpassed Apple and became the richest company in the world, if we talk about available cash. As the resource Financial Times (FT), as of the second quarter of this year liquid resources Alphabet consisted of $117 billion versus $102 billion from Apple. Despite the obvious benefits of accumulating this amount of money, the title "King of cash" is not necessarily a cause for joy. As the FT notes, such a visible display of wealth may increase pressure from shareholders who wanted the company to spend more of their money on share buybacks or dividends. In addition, it may attract regulators to unnecessary inspections in the areas where Google dominates. Only in the last couple of years, the EU has prescribed Alphabet antitrust fines of €8.2 billion (about $to 9.05 billion). The company also faced scrutiny from U.S. regulators.