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Schemes of premises on Yandex.Maps

Blog Yandex 01.08.2019 at 15:20

Blog Yandex

From Yandex.Maps update: they started to show a floor diagram of premises. To navigate inside the building is more difficult than on the street, especially if it's a high-rise complex with a confusing layout. Now the Cards can look under the roof: locate the building, zoom in, select a floor and you will see all that is inside.

We started with schemes 29 largest shopping centers in Moscow and the nearest Moscow suburbs. First, it is demand from our users of the space. The Mall come not only for shopping but also to eat, get a haircut, to take things to the dry cleaners, go to a movie or a children's amusement Park. Secondly, many of the shopping center complex internal structure. Each floor is like a mini-city with streets, alleys and squares — in General, no scheme is not enough.

the scheme applied to all institutions that are on the floor, from shops and restaurants to stands with juices and soda. Separate icons marked Parking, cloakrooms, toilets and the point where you can charge the phone. Icons with stairs, elevators and escalators will tell you how to get from one floor to another. With the help of diagrams it is easy to plan a trip to the Mall — you don't have to guess what floor to look for the right store, or wander through the galleries in search of a toilet.

Schema can be viewed in Annex Yandex.Maps for iOS and Android and PC — modern Chromium-based browser. Shopping centers is only the beginning. We still have a lot of work. The schema list will be constantly updated shortly on the Cards will appear on the floor plans of stations and airports.

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