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How to go to UTII

Question - answer - Legal advice 01.08.2019 at 07:13

Question - answer - Legal advice

Transition to UTII in the middle of the year can be done by following a few sequential steps: 1) complete the application for specialyou form; 2) submit it to the Tax office. And you can choose this system of taxation at the time of registration of the individual entrepreneur or legal entity. Unified tax on imputed income is the tax system, which has a deserved reputation as the best of all possible existing preferential systems. It is not surprising that the transition to the imputed income for many individual entrepreneurs and corporate entities becomes a condition for the continuation of business activities: to work UTII seek individual entrepreneurs and wishing to minimize the financial burden and paperwork. The question of how SP go to UTII asked by many entrepreneurs. The right to apply unified tax on imputed income (hereinafter referred to as imputed income or "vmenenku") are legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that meet certain conditions. This system of taxation is the levying of tax is not actual income, and with specially calculated expected value, which is determined on the basis of specific physical characteristics (floor space, number of vehicles, number of employees, etc.). "Vmenenku" not allowed for all kinds of activities, and the transition to it in accordance with the requirements of article 346.28 of the tax code is voluntary. The transition to this regime the taxpayer can produce as immediately after registering its status with the IRS, and during the implementation of activities. This necessarily to apply to the tax Inspectorate a statement.