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"Gazprom" in 2018 invested "Nord stream-2" in excess of the plan

"Oil of Russia" 02.08.2019 at 10:09

Investments "Gazprom" in the project of construction of gas pipeline in 2018, "Nord stream-2" exceeded the plan, amounting to 103.3 billion rubles, follows from materials of the company.

the Company had planned last year to direct investment in the project 92.2 billion, indicated in the materials, which is 11.1 billion less than the actual volume of investments "Gazprom" in the project.

At the same time, the actual volume of investments "Gazprom" in "Turkish stream" at the end of last year was slightly less than plan 168,8 billion rubles compared to 172,4 billion rubles.

the Actual company's investment in the "Power of Siberia" in 2018 amounted to 201,1 billion of the rollers against the plan in approximately 219 billion rubles.

In January in materials "Gazprom" reported that in 2019, the company's investment in the "Nord stream-2" is planned in the amount of 53.2 billion rubles, in "Turkish stream" – 26 billion in the "Power of Siberia" – 147,5 billion roubles.

In General, the actual volume of the investment program "Gazprom" by the end of 2018, totaled 1,344 trillion rubles, while the plan figure was set at 1,496 trillion rubles, follows from materials of the company.

the investments of "Gazprom" in the capital construction objects in the field of transportation last year amounted to 394,9 billion rubles against the plan in 450,9 billion.

the Plan of Gazprom's investment programme to 2019 is 1,326 trillion rubles. Predictive assessment of the company's investments for the year 2020 is at the level to 1,065 trillion rubles, 2021 – 1,251 trillion rubles.

Source: PRIME