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Is it easy to be a leader of opinion? Responsible bloggers.

SAPE.RU - Blog 02.08.2019 at 10:00

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The Phrase “profession blogger” has long ceased to be perceived with bewilderment. Out of the hobby for a few geeks blogosphere has turned into a multi-million dollar industry. For a sufficiently large number of people, this is not a hobby, but a source of income. And the number of such people is constantly growing.

Explorer LM.Sape along with Instagram-bloggers Julia Prince, Anne of Androsova, of Salawati Saidzoda, Anne Tskrialashvili, Alexei Filippov and Maria Filatova-versed with the specifics of this profession, its opportunities, challenges and prospects.

“just five years ago, you call blogging a profession around would have snorted in your face or shook a finger at his temple. Now things are different. Blogging is not about to put a funny photo in Instagram. It is really work. It is really a profession”

— says Julia Prince, blogger and founder of his own social media Agency.

About the income.

Successful bloggers earning serious money. The size of their fees depend on the coverage of publications, index, audience engagement, and of course, from celebrity bloggers themselves. When placing the “ordinary” blogger, the price will vary from 300 to 1 000 over 1 000 in coverage. But if an advertiser wants to work with celebrities, the cost of the advertising campaign can reach several million rubles. Top bloggers such as Huseyn Hasanov, David Manukyan, Khizri Sabirov (Heath), earn from 250 thousand to 1.5 million rubles per post. Income instagram-blogger Sasha Mitroshina, she said, is about 7 million rubles per month. The prices of 144-million blog Kim Kardashian starts from 300 thousand dollars for the publication and her sister Kylie Jenner — from 500 thousand dollars.

half a million dollars for only one integration in Instagram! Imagine how much a blogger earn per month? And for the year? But there is still YouTube, special projects and other activities and events in which invited to participate top bloggers: and all this, too, is not free.

About the conditions of work.

Professional blogger spends writing your blog as much (if not more) time as the average salaried employee in the workplace.

“the Blog is definitely a daily job, seven days a week. Writing a post takes on average 1-2 hours. The material can gather and ponder over the preceding few days. About an hour is the editing and publishing stories, as well as the development of topics for live broadcasts. Also time is spent on promotion: preparation and approval of advertising layouts takes 1-2 hours daily. Without this blog not just going to stand still, he will fall back. Of course, you can delegate and writing posts and responses to comments. But what then will remain from a blog?”

— says the blogger, traveler and travel consultant Anna Androsova.

Blogging is a process that never ends: bloggers all the time thinking of ideas for future posts, remove content or communicate with subscribers.

“Blogging, if you are doing it professionally, it takes a very large amount of time. So the stereotype that blogger earns a lot, sitting on the site and selling advertising — it is a profound mistake. The constant search for ideas and ways to implement them leads to round-the-clock work, constant stress, etc. I Have 5-8 hours may take a day, 4-5 days a week.”

says sports blogger and teacher on the mixed single combats of Salawati Saidzoda.

In fact, blogging is a 24/7 job with a place called “everywhere”. Without weekends and holidays.

“How can you afford a long vacation from social networks, if you know from your activity on the page depends career, and increasing your income,”

— explains Julia Prince.

And however, most bloggers do not consider blogging as their main job. For example, beauty blogger Anna Tskrialashvili combines the management of your Instagram account with the work of a PR girl which she got thanks to your blog, as well as with studies in political science. Main activity travel blogger Anna Androsova tourism: the blog serves as a platform to promote services. Julia's blog the Prince is the main channel for the implementation of its information products — course on branding and SMM. The owner of a company manufacturing cosmetics Alexey Filippov also uses his blog as a tool for business development.

“My blog — organic fashion addition to what I'm doing. Instagram helps me to attract new clients. Amazing, but now people are increasingly using it as a search engine goods and services. So they find me, see that I'm making, then I read the posts and imbued in me as a person and as a professional.”

— says photographer and blogger Maria Filatova.

About the organization of the workplace.

in order to keep a blog, have a designated working area is optional. But at least blogger need a phone with a good camera. Need apps for photo editing: Adobe Lightroom and VSCO. And Vodafone and props for layout will have to be stored somewhere. His after a year of bloggersthe will be very much.

“My workplace is the camera and feet. However, processing photos and writing articles I am doing from home. No special equipment, however, is not here. In a cafe prefer not to work — noisy”.

— says photographer and blogger Maria Filatova.

“Office” travel blogger Anna Androsova during travel can be any horizontal surface, plus a laptop and a smartphone. At home, she works for the desktop computer.

Much more attention to the organization of your seat sports blogger of Salawati Saidzoda. In his room — a couple of laptops for easy installation of video, devices for lighting, various props for photography, stabilization for the camera.

About aptitude.

What skills should a person have to become a blogger? According to the observations of Julia Prince, for a start they will need only two. First, it is the skill of creating a reason. And this is perhaps the most difficult. Second — the skill of generating decent content in any situation and live transmission of emotions in the moment. People should be interesting and easy near you, they come to social networks to rest, and this is something always worth remembering.

of Course, this is not all. The blogger should know your target audience and be able to work with her. He should be able to “highlight” your uniqueness and be distinct from competitors. He must know how to promote your blog and how to give it greater coverage. But anything you can learn. Huge blogs were created on the enthusiasm and willingness to test hypotheses, because initially, “well, very much wanted”.

“If you decide to take the path of blogista, first of all, you need to have a sense of style. Followers and likes are gaining only beautiful accounts. It is important not to take anything to heart: negative and suggestions about the escort you gather will be VERY much” — says Anna Tskrialashvili.

this is also warns Maria Filatova — “as soon As you get a sufficient number of subscribers, as here, there are people ready to pour out on you all your poison. Not many can handle”.

of Course, you need to be good to shoot photos and video. This is a basic skill for any blogger. As well as the ability to well and competently write lyrics. But all this comes with experience, so do not be afraid to start. Will meet and the technical aspects, which have to deal, and psychological. Sociable and open person easy to share your thoughts and experiences, says Anna Androsova. But no matter how extroverted you are, the blog still makes the fight and to overcome their weaknesses.

Alexey Filippov believes that it could be an interesting blog which is created for blogging. The blog should reflect some expertise of its Creator. And that is the hardest part of blogging. So your blog was interesting to read that want you to subscribe, you should have something to present as a person, as a professional. And to be good and interesting to tell about it.

About the problems.

When you come across on the Internet for information about earnings most popular bloggers want to immediately drop everything and start to blog: and to receive pleasure, and to earn money. But all is not so simple.

In the profession of blogger, as in any other, has its pros and cons. The main advantages is the possibility of turning a hobby into a money-generating activity, realization of creative potential, flexible schedule. The disadvantages include emotional burnout, stress from failed projects, the constant race for trends.

This picture is supplemented with toxic readers, haters and trolls, but also people who may not support you, don't share your point of view and criticize your work.

the Need to continually generate content to always be in touch with readers, to follow trends and news exhausting. “When you're a blogger, you can't just take a vacation for a month and vanish from the ether: you have to be all the time online and in the mind,” says Maria Filatova.

At the same time, like any other activity, blogging bored, and begin to treat it as a necessary routine. The hard part is not to quit, especially when you've been doing this for several years. Inner core the realization of "why am I doing this" is extremely important in order to stay afloat, says Anna Androsova.

the Pro search advertisers.

“should be of moderate amount, otherwise the followers will stop you to take seriously,” — says Anna Tskrialashvili. She says she gets from advertisers about 7-10 sentences per week in direct or mail. Takes in only those that she's interested.

this position is fully supportive of Salawati Saidzoda: “At the moment I have is a set of high-quality audience, do not want to scare their constant commercials. So if the only offer, then accept, and not all offers”.

the Most promising bloggers do not rely only on advertising contracts. Some work to monetize your hobby: photo processing, creation of check-lists or marathons. Others create their own products and successfully implement them through their blogs. For example, travel blogger Anna Androsova says that basic income it brings to help other people in the organization of travel: booking tours, consultations, online courses. So there is a possibility not to depend directly on advertisers and monetize the audience in several ways. By the way, that you are a blogger, can help you in building a career: some companies love that they use the”star”.

Alexey Filippov and a half years of blogging I realized that if not to regret time, creative and financial resources, personal brand starts to work for you. Indeed, in the case of mutual subscription to a social network page, creating the effect of personal acquaintance and mutual understanding of the basic and even some of the original trust. Even before the meeting in the offline space, you already know each other. This is very useful in meetings, negotiations, and business communications.

Many bloggers try to accelerate the process of monetization and registered in the special services that allow a business to advertise goods and services with recommendations of opinion leaders: it is also quite normal variant. Services such as LM.Sape (and the like) useful for the fact that advertisers often use them to search for interesting and not stranded blogging. Especially when it comes to some specific topics. And not the fact that by signing up on this platform, you will always only work through it. The advertiser may find you there, but to write to you directly.

And yet, for novice bloggers, the possibility of receiving orders from advertisers in virtually no. The main problem is the lack of experience in the search of advertisers, and the establishment of contractual relations with them. You can and need to be active to write to the marketing departments of companies to introduce themselves, provide links to the blog and ask for something for testing. Many brands are reluctant to such cooperation — they provide their products for testing, in return you get an interesting publication with creative content.

Julia Prince said — the chance that in a crowded information field will find it for you and something to offer, insignificant. Especially if you are just beginning to develop as a leader of opinion. My recommendation: if you are determined to earn advertising, help advertisers to find himself. Communiciate with them. Offer your services and add links to your blog in different platforms and services. And only then, increase your popularity and strengthen your reputation, contracts will start finding you.


a Blog is a great opportunity for self-expression. And it can bring its owner an income from ads or publications to promote his own projects. Notwithstanding the article of the complexity, the number of bloggers the calculation exponentially. 20 thousand is the approximate number of people who today form the market of Russian-speaking blogosphere. And those who on General grounds can be attributed to the bloggers, several times more. The ball in this market is ruled by quality content. Naturally, to the great popularity and high returns easily and quickly does not come. Blogging requires a lot of patience, perseverance and self-discipline. However, to try themselves in this area everyone can.