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Photo shoot in the Park (idea)

Wedding and family photographer 30.07.2019 at 15:42

Michael noses

The Equator summer is behind us, and all we want to prolong it as long as possible. Why not do it with bright summer photo shoots?

One of my favorite locations this time – the leisure Park. This will require a minimum of preparation and maximum emotion.

the good Park? Here you can make a lot of interesting frames in a variety of locations without large displacements.

What to wear

Any amusement Park is a kaleidoscope of colors, lights and colors. So main rule – harmony with the background. To do this, choose monochromatic clothes mainly light. Ideal white. Then you won't get lost in the colorful background of the Park.

it is Important that the clothes were comfortable, so shoes with high heels and elegant long dresses reserved for Studio photo shoots.

Accessories choose not too active so as not to distract attention from himself.

the rest – whatever you like: from jeans and tees to sundresses.


photo Shoot at the amusement Park is so good that it can be performed both day and late evening (of course, if the equipment of the photographer allows it).

In the daytime photo in the Park are incredibly colorful and saturated. But, as with any photo shoot outdoors, avoid the active time of the sun (12-18), so that the light fell perfectly soft and smooth.

during the Day you can take pictures at the rides or around them, and just on green background or a bright sky.

in the Evening when all lit illumination, it turns out the real magic – dark evening background perfectly contrasts with an army of large and small lights. So you will get exactly the footage "not like everyone else."

the idea of posing

As mentioned above, a photo session in the Park can be carried out on the rides and their background.

Select the least high-rise options. Otherwise, if you climb in the cabin of the Ferris wheel, you will be hard to see.

the Best option – a leisurely carousel. Then the photographer will have time to capture the best angles.

Or wait until the ride start, and stand in the background – vibrant, bright footage ready!

What the amusement Park without cotton candy? Indulge in this sweet treat, especially since it will be a great detail shot.

Try to keep your poses and emotions appropriate to the situation – they should be dynamic, energy, movement.

Invite you to the photo shoot in any Park of the city: Amazonia, Park them. A. Nikolaev, Lakreevskiy forest.

call +7 927 8535 333


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