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Online microloans was chosen by the crooks. How to protect yourself? themes of the day 29.07.2019 at 05:32

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"I Learned from the collectors that I took out a loan", keep complaining users on the forum Issuing micro-loans without visiting the office MFIs only exacerbates the situation.

on 18 June, the resident of the Moscow region to Sanjar got a call from the recovery Department of the OOO "MKK Microcredit" (formerly "Petrofinance") and asked when he plans to pay the loan. The caller reminded Sanjar that on may 3, took 12 thousand rubles under 547% per annum. "I was surprised and thought, divorce. But when they started to call my personal information, I was in shock. In this conversation we found out that the loan was issued in my passport. Moreover, this organization has a picture of me holding the passport in his hand at face level," says Sanjar. Written statement to the police but orally denied a motion to dismiss, they say, the injured party in this case — MFI.

Sanjar himself has tried to clarify the situation. Requested "Microcredit" to provide documents on which he allegedly provided a loan, then the selfie with the passport, which is required for the credit online. But the organization requests left unanswered. Therefore, it remains open the main question — who in this photo? A crook with a fake passport or he Sanjar your own document? Theoretically, a fraud could take a photo. Selfie with passport Sanjar did when registering on the services of car-sharing: CAR4YOU, AnyTime (service was closed), "Telemobil", "Carousel", "Yandex.Drive". None of the companies on the request of the did not answer.

figure Out if a data breach from of car-sharing services, while "Microcredit" provides no pictures to Sanjar, fails. However, the participation of employees karteninhaber companies indirectly confirmed by another case.

The "debtors" before "Microcredito" were even a few people who argue that the loan to this organization are not addressed. Two more members of the Board of the in a similar situation wrote to Sanjar and organized a joint chat. One user under the name shadow14 correspondent has also been contacted. He also could not achieve from "Microcredit" documents proving that he had been granted a loan. The organization already has transferred his debt to a collection Agency "M. B. A. Finance".

So shadow14 found that the fraud on his behalf applied for a loan not only in a "Microfinance". To his credit history for "Equifax" is a mark on the rejected request in the "capusta". On request shadow14 microcredit organization sent uploaded a profile photo. On it says the user was a completely different person.

In the "Microcredit" to the requests of the did not answer. The SRO "Mir" surge of complaints specifically on this company has not fixed. "The share of complaints on the company in the total number of complaints received by the MFI is the average value", — reported in the self-regulatory organization.

And the victim who?

forum User Banks.Roux under the name kmvbad found that the fraudsters had applied for a loan on his behalf in 13 microfinance institutions. Check his credit history, he decided after he got a call from IFC "Mani Men" and asked whether he left a request for a loan. I.e. the company's employees have verified the data of the applicant CRB, the phone did not match, so called back and clarified information. The rest of the organization kmvbad didn't.

a Situation where fraudsters are taking a loan online for a third party occur often. The question is, how will work the procedure of verification of potential borrower. If security didn't work out very well and credit scammers still took, the injured party in such cases is itself an MFI. After all, if people money from MFIs did not receive and can prove it, and pay he did not have to. In this case, it is the microfinance institution stays with unrecoverable debt.

However, the person in whose name a loan feature, too, is affected. Is he calling collectors, it is necessary to declare the fraud to law enforcement, to challenge the civil forfeiture lending transactions.

"you Should immediately write a statement to the police about fraudulent activity in relation to their documents (passport) and personal data. In a microfinance organization is also required to promptly submit or send by mail request with the requirement to provide all the necessary documents confirming the loan," — says managing partner of "VM-law and Consulting" Vladimir Chuvashov.

How to prove that you are not the borrower

"the Affected person may apply to the Central Bank of Russia or the Prosecutor's office, but it will delay the process of reviewing the problems because of the timing of delivery of the statement of the victim, the procedure for its consideration and so forth," — said General Director of "Honestly" Andrei Petkov. In statements to the police, he advised them to submit a request to the Bank for a certificate-statement of information about the absence of the victim's Bank account or card, which was transferred to state entities. With a pass notification from the police and the Bank statement should apply to the MFI itself. "The results of internal audits and when there are sufficient data indicating on the signs of fraud, the victim demands unable to be met within one or two days", — says Andrey Petkov. If the company has any doubts as to the arguments of the victim, she went to the police with a statement about the investigation upon receipt of a microloan.

If the case went to trial, the victim will also need to prove that he received the money under the contract. As evidence he can provide proof that the phone number with which the contract has been issued loan, it does not belong, adds Vladimir Chuvashov.

How to protect yourself from credit fraud

"With the introduction of digitalization fraudulent schemes in the field of microloans moving to a new level", — said the head of the Department of quality control NJUS "Emulex" Nurida Ibragimov.

to Protect yourself from likely to be the obligor of the loan that you didn't 100% impossible. The danger increases if people use services that require "a selfie with a passport." The only way to check the credit history in credit Bureau. And of course, not to use without a lot of necessary services that require a photo with the passport.

The MFIs themselves much more possibilities to prevent such fraud. TSB recommends the MFIs to check the passport details of a potential borrower to credit bureaus and services of the Department of internal Affairs on migration issues, to correlate the name and the name of the application for the loan listed on the credit card, surname and name of the payee, ask quick quiz questions related to personal data of a potential borrower, and require pictures or video of the person with a passport.

Despite the recommendations of the Central Bank, MFIs and the citizens would become victims of fraud. "Often, fraudsters use stolen passports with the re-stuck photo. Therefore, a mandatory requirement for MFIs to use to identify selfie customers with passport in hand — not a panacea for the prevention of fraud", — says Andrey Petkov.

Nurida Ibragimov, on the contrary, notes that the use of false passports is quite rare, as the cheat may be opened at the first check the validity of passport data using public sources. So the scammers are trying to use the data in these passports. "Fraudsters can obtain such data not only through negotiations and the introduction of a citizen's confusing, but illegally, buying a database of organizations that require a passport photo on the background of a human face," adds head of quality control "Emulex".

Maybe the situation will be able to influence legislators. On July 24 the state Duma in the third reading adopted the law, according to which MFIs have the right to delegate the identification of customers of credit institutions or to conduct identity through public databases.