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Who car lease? themes of the day 31.07.2019 at 18:43

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The Company CARCADE conducted a study of demand for leasing services among small businesses. The study, conducted in July this year, surveyed 200 companies belonging to small and medium businesses and using in their work vehicles, or construction machinery.

Of the companies surveyed 90% had the intention to purchase vehicles or construction equipment over the past nine months. The most popular types of vehicles steel trucks (28%), construction machinery (24%) and passenger vehicles economy (21%). The least popular was the light commercial vehicles (10%).

the Biggest need for transport was demonstrated by the companies from the sphere of construction and repair (27%), trade (23%) and B2C services (19%). They needed transport of all types, from commercial to passenger cars economy and business class, which indicates the presence of some growth in these sectors against the backdrop of General economic stagnation. From the Russian regions of maximum interest in the purchase of vehicles observed in Moscow and Moscow region, Central Federal district (20% and 16%, excluding the Moscow region) and Urals Federal district (16%).

However, to carry out his intention could only 60% of the companies had the intention to do so. From refuse to buy 68% said the reason for the lack of own funds, 11% — the Bank's refusal to loan; 11% found it more financially advantageous decision for himself and for the rental of vehicles. The refusal of leasing companies have served as a barrier only 5% of cases due to a more soft, compared to banks, requirements of lessors, primarily by collateral, 100% of which covers the subject of leasing.


From companies that have implemented the intention to buy vehicles, to Finance the purchase of 38% used their own funds, 27% leasing, 6% in corporate banking credit. In 21% of cases used personal funds of the owner of the company or individual entrepreneur with the registration of their transport for themselves, and in 8% of cases had taken a car loan for the person.

the Use of the tools of financing the purchase of vehicles is directly correlated with the size of the business: companies with annual turnover up to 10 million roubles often use their own funds and private funds of the owners (33% and 39% of purchased vehicles), and the proportion of leasing contracts is only 11%. Companies with annual turnover from 10 million to 50 million rubles, as the fastest growing use all possible sources: own funds, funds of owners and leasing, as well as Bank lending and loans to individuals, the share of the lease is 24%. Companies with a turnover from 50 million to 100 million rubles do not use for purchase of vehicles Bank loans, and the share of leasing in this segment is already 42%. Finally, companies with a turnover between 100 million to 500 million rubles used leasing to purchase vehicles in 80% of cases.

This correlation stems from the fact that, first, mikrokompany and SP are dominated by undeclared cash flows, which, on the one hand, allows to use the procedures of car loans or car purchase, including second-hand, as natural persons. The minimum volume of legal revenue closes such companies to Bank credit and leasing. Secondly, with the growth of the company and its cashless revenue increases the importance of tax optimization, and leasing, which saves a total of up to 40% on VAT and income tax, is the most effective tool. Finally, awareness of the benefits of leasing requires a higher than that observed in small business, quality of management, as evidenced, for example, the fact that in companies with a turnover up to 10 million rubles of the tax advantages of leasing you know 29% of the number of purchased vehicles, in companies with a turnover from 10 million to 50 million — 50%, from 50 million to 100 million — 72%, more than 100 million rubles — 80%.

According to the study, the most actively used leasing to Finance the purchase of vehicles and equipment in the North-Western Federal district (50% of the companies who purchased vehicles) and the Central Federal district (46%). Central and North-Western Federal district are considered without Moscow with the Moscow region and St. Petersburg with Leningrad oblast, respectively. Became the leader of the Ural Federal district (54% of companies), where, in particular, the CARCADE in 2018, the growth of new business volume amounted to over 116% by 2017, evidence of this leasing boom occurring in the region.

Among the industries often use leasing, dominated by construction and renovation (38%) and trade (23%), which is associated in both cases with high turnover companies that integrate leasing scheme in financial activities, and construction, also need the one-time purchase large amounts of equipment with payment in installments.

the most important factor in the use of leasing for companies with a turnover of 100 million roubles is the ability to create a convenient payment schedule, that is, the credit component of the lease and for companies larger tax savings and the possibility of a return transport at the end of the contract.

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