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Paper comics. "Green Lantern" Geoff Johns: "the War Corps Sinestro" The article 02.08.2019 at 13:14

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In Russia the history about the Green Lantern issue not as about other superheroes. Much bigger. Not a separate standard books, and once – thick volumes. Impossible to miss, hard to miss.

But even previous releases were just a warm-up. They only prepared us for the main course – the absolute edition of "the War Corps Sinestro", patientsclinical the folio, luxurious as for the content of, and quality of execution.

Welcome to the story about one of the greatest battles in the history of the Green lantern Corps.

Separately, as appropriate for our magazine fun – I would like to mention kinomanskie looks the greatest of the Lanterns, Hal Jordan, protecting "more than 138 planets, including the Earth."

for some reason the Earth more often confronted with different alien despots and alien parasites. Kyle says that our present life is more like a batch of "Star wars" with "Secret materials". Honestly, the x-files I missed.

And by introducing us to Lissa Drak, the Keeper of the book of Parallax ("Position straight out of a horror movie"), Hal admits that he hates scary movies:

Seen some of the parts of "Friday the 13th". Dude in a hockey mask was a complete jerk. Do you remember that sweater in the "Nightmare on elm street"? I was his direct COMAC. On the other hand, take "love" or "my best friend's Wedding". Diamond rings? Vows of fidelity? Together forever? That's where the real nightmare.

Add to this the words of his colleagues, guy Gardner: "When we come to a war, we cease to be white and fluffy. "Red dawn" watched?" Whatever you say, it always warms the heart - if you remember what was the picture.

One of the covers of the graphic novel Geoff Johns "Green Lantern: War of the Hull Sinestro" (absolute edition)