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"Forwarding" Lamborghini stormed Norway 03.08.2019 at 06:00

Automotive edition

The Theme of different kinds of travel and leisure is increasingly being used by brands to promote and entire brands and individual models. It's easy when you release a SUV, but how to act if your destiny — especially asphalt heavy duty monsters? Lamborghini found the answer in a series of expeditions Lamborghini Avventura: Italians go through the most picturesque places and roads of the world, briefly talk about them and post photos. Forwarding "Lamby" already visited Andalusia, Transylvania, the Norwegian fjords and Iceland and now living back in Norway — a convoy of seven Huracán EVO drove to the Lofoten archipelago, visiting the oldest town North of the Arctic circle. Suggest you look at these amazing places and, of course, to admire the cars.