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Sberbank has resumed issuing student loans press releases 05.08.2019 at 11:35

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Sberbank and the Ministry of science and higher education adopted the decision on the resumption of the program of educational credit with the state support. From August 1 to students licensed had the opportunity to issue in the savings Bank education loan without collateral or guarantors at a preferential interest rate currently not to exceed 9%.

the Repayment of loan provides a grace period for the whole period of training and another three months, during which a student may not repay the principal debt, only the interest on the loan in the amount of 40% in the first year, 60% in the second and in full amount the third year. The maximum term on the loan is the period of training and an additional 10 years, the borrower can repay the loan ahead of schedule.

to Issue the educational credit in Sberbank, giving the passport, the contract with the school on paid education and an invoice for tuition. Underage students will also need the consent of the legal representatives at the conclusion of the credit agreement, birth certificate and passport of his parents or guardians.

Previously the Bank has already participated in the program of educational credit with the state support and continued the project to support the education and needs of the youth customer segment.

Sergey Shirokov, Director of the division "Borrow and Save":

"We strive to support our clients in addressing the important issues of life such as getting higher education in leading educational institutions of the country. Subsidized student loan really popular product, thanks to him, annually training more than 3,500 customers. We hope that educational loan with preferential rate and flexible repayment scheme allows students to choose a UNIVERSITY than the principle of financial inclusion and vocation and interest".