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"It may be easier not to have debts?": The network has discussed the tactical cunning of judicial officers on the highway M4 "don"

MComp 06.08.2019 at 16:42

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Those traveling South on the highway M4 "don", you should be ready to part with the property without getting to sea.

the staff of the Federal bailiff service this year decided to go big and catch debtors on the way to the South of the country through the highway M4 "don". In one of the public chat Telegram messenger has told that employees of the Federal bailiff service, together with traffic police organized a RAID on the side of the road in the Krasnodar region and stop passing cars, checking the documents of tourists on the base and by identifying existing debt.

Say that the day they were detained on the highway M4 "don" about 50 debtors: among them, 34 people were arrested and 5 of them seized the vehicle. Also published a video shot by an eyewitness: it can be seen that the employee of the Federal bailiff service took him to check his outstanding balance under the Executive production.

According to the author, the debt he has, but he pays, but the employee declares that to pay her need, according to the receipt, taken from the bailiffs, otherwise the payment will not count – it is the debt automatically written off from the account. And while the author is indignant orders that are next to another bailiff begins to threaten him with confiscation of property, in particular a mobile phone.

Some participants in the chat, on the road M4 "don", began to condemn the tactical cunning of judicial officers and call them unflattering words. One of them protested that the traffic police passed the documents for the car to third parties and generally apply to road users not covered by Federal law – the penalty for this is for officials according to article 12.35 of the administrative code, is 20 000 rubles.

But others found it odd that the debtors are unable to pay the debt, however, go for some money for a vacation by the sea. "It may be easier not to have debts?" asked one user. Another agreed and added that not stop everyone, but only the debtors that is identified on the cameras still for 20-30 km to the place of raids on the M4 "don".

And one of the participants of the chat cited the example of the excerpt from the Order of the MIA № 565, which establishes the procedure for interaction between the interior Ministry and the Federal bailiff service. So, stop the car, the bailiffs have no right, therefore, resort to the help of the traffic police – but they can only slow down the machine, who is wanted in the execution proceedings. However, drivers are not required to go to the ushers to check on the availability of debt, and they do not have the right to force them.

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