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Unimodular months in August, a Briz-7

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 06.08.2019 at 22:40

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, in honor of our holiday "Day of materialization of ideas" in August anomodontia of the month becomes a breeze-7! As they say, wait! This means that within a month it can be purchased with 20% discount!

Remember that the basic cost of Sevens - 10080,0 RUB

For the action "Inomoderator of the month" discount on it turns out 2016,0 rubles (20% of the base price).

in addition, the discount for this promotion are summed up:

► club discounts are Valid members of the club,

► discount partners online store (10% Commission).

you may have heard that Briz-7 is sometimes called a Family doctor. And for good reason.

the Briz-7 has proven throughout his long life that he is not just a device for purification of foods from all "nasties", but actually "Doctor" with a capital letter.

In which only the situations do not use it people! And always get a healing effect!

the Materials on the Breeze-7 we have a lot on the main website and on the forum

read More about the Breeze-7 >>

View a small video on how to Briz-7 miraculously healed the little girl Polina from allergies is very complex origin.

And here's another clip of Briz-7.

It was made a long time ago, but that has not lost its relevance. Look it is sure to better represent the capabilities of this amazing device (9 minutes).

And here you can participate in discussions on our forum about the Briz-7 or simply read about what other people write - the-discussion forum >>

the colours of EM breeze-7

Order Briz-7 in the online club shop >>

In the store you can place an order but not pay. The order we do in manual mode with all the currently available discounts. After ordering through the store we will contact you.

How to become a full member of the club KEITH >>

to Be a current member of the club is not only interesting, but profitable!

go for it!