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Determination of potential trend - USDJPY. Purchase 105.75 area.

FreshForex news RSS 07.08.2019 at 08:52

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Daily chart: intense retracement within yesterday's session - part of a technical correction towards middle Bollinger band (107.83) where there is a promising field potentsialnyj sales. Thus, it is possible to expect continuation of this trend.

H4: locally there is a narrowing of the trading range within the lower envelope Bollinger (105.57-106.45). ADX in the active zone, so the possible emission intensity of the price up.

H1: to a local chart punched the lower Bollinger envelope, which may lower quotes in the area 105.75 where you can think about the demand on the part of bullish pattern O&U,

Expectations: decline to 105.75 and then the growth in the direction of 106.64.

Trade solutions:

1. Sales to 105.75.

2. Purchase from the area 105.75 to 106.64.

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