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The rainbow weight loss: simple recipes for mixed dishes 05.08.2019 at 12:39

Culinary blog of Anna Mishchenko

In the article “ rainbow in a dish: the designated use of the product by it's color “, the nutritionist shared information about why it is necessary to learn to “paint” your plate with fruits and vegetables of different colors.

And in continuation of “colorful” theme, I propose to move from theory to practice delicious. For example, to cook at home is grilled skewers of vegetables, in parallel, cook the pasta for salad. And while all the boiled and fried, serve cooked evening snack, and after a delicious lunch, treat yourself to the correct version of the French dessert parfaits.

Vegetable skewers

This multi-colored snacks to cook, the dish may be the right garnish for white meat or fish. I recommend to try this recipe in the variation of seasonal fruits: pineapple, peach, green grapes, mango, plums and apples.


2 beets medium size

½ red onion

1 green pepper

1 medium zucchini

1 yellow pepper

1 young zucchini

1 red pepper

1 peppers orange color

cherry tomatoes (about 8 pieces)

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons of dried Italian herbs


, Prepare the vegetables: beets, cut into rings, onion half rings, pepper peel and cut into large pieces, zucchini and summer squash also cut into rings. In a bowl mix the chopped vegetables, add the cherry tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with mix dried Italian herbs. Stir so that the vegetables are evenly coated with herbs. On wooden skewers put the prepared vegetables. Cook the kebabs on a well heated pan (preferably grill) for about 6-8 minutes.

If you are planning a picnic, the workpiece can be done at home and prepare the dish on an open grill or lattice. Salad with pasta and vegetables

This salad recipe is especially good for vegetarians or those who simply does not like meat. In addition, the recipe can be adapted: use the vegetables you prefer or what you have on hand. The salad can be prepared in advance, so you will always have a ready-made lunch in the fridge.


300 g of pasta

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

1 fresh zucchini, diced

1 head broccoli, cut into small florets

250 g cherry tomatoes, halved

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

half of a red onion roughly chopped

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Parmesan cheese (optional)


cook Pasta al dente. In a pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil and cook on medium heat the chopped zucchini and broccoli. After three minutes add the remaining chopped vegetables: bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, a pinch of salt and a little pepper. Cook until done vegetables. I would recommend to bring the vegetables until al dente, this will take 4-5 minutes. In the end, add the sweet onions, the pan cover and simmer the vegetables for 1-2 minutes. In a deep bowl combine the vegetables and pasta. Dress the salad with olive oil and spice and season with grated Parmesan cheese. Ready salad can be stored in a container in the refrigerator up to three days. Colorful salsa

I Want to note that the vegetables can vary depending on seasonality. The main rule of the recipe sounds simple: use vegetables of different colors. Using the fact that it's still summer, I suggest you not to delay the preparation of the salsa, until the vegetables are at the peak of its usefulness and juiciness.


Red: tomatoes and ground pepper

Orange: sweet pepper

Yellow: boiled (canned) corn

Green: parsley leaves

“Blue”: boiled beans

Purple: sweet red onion

(optional lemon juice and salt to taste)


Chop the vegetables in small cubes, greens finely chop. Peel the boiled corn, add beans. Connect the vegetables, pour a small amount of lemon juice and add salt to taste. After 10-15 minutes (during this time, salsa infusions), a dish you can bring to the table. Fruit and coconut parfait

Want the recipe for dessert that you can with a clear conscience you will be able to afford Breakfast or lunch? To prepare it you'll need fruit, coconut milk and Chia seeds. All!

Ingredients for 8 servings:

800 ml coconut milk

1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)

50 g of Chia seeds

2 large banana

2 medium mango

2 oranges

300 g of sliced strawberries


In a small bowl, pour Chia seeds coconut milk, if desired, add vanilla essence. Cover with plastic film and leave in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Slice the bananas in small pieces and place on the bottom of the eight glass forms. In the same way (layers) put other sliced fruit: pineapple, mango, orange and strawberries. The last layer put coconut mass. Filled form on the night put in the fridge.

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