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08.08.2019 10:37 : Zakharova accused "Deutsche Welle" in propaganda and appeals to the exit on unauthorized rallies

News | Moscow Echo 08.08.2019 at 07:37

News on the echo of Moscow

The Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova accused "Deutsche Welle" in propaganda and appeals to the output of an unauthorized action. She announced this live radio station "Echo of Moscow".

"We received from "Deutsche Welle" letter stating that their correspondent was detained during protests in Moscow on July 27. We usually these letters are not just sent to, and contact with colleagues from the interior Ministry and every case specifically find out. But here we do not even have to send anything, because the "Deutsche Welle" through its journalistic resources of Russian-language service was just this agitation," said Zakharov.

She said it has relevant evidence. "How can you deny it if on the website of the Russian service of "Deutsche Welle" reported: "Moscow, come out." Where must leave Moscow? Of course, it was about the fact that people have to come to these shares. This is the tweet they were, I have screenshots, we have it all sent to them", — said Zakharov.

She added that "if the editorial office considers it possible in this way to agitation, why be surprised that its employees are regarded not as journalists but as participants of the action". M. Zakharov stressed that the protesters, the Russian foreign Ministry is not engaged.

She also said that they received a similar letter from "Reuters", which they now understand.